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Club Penguin Arctic White Color Listed As Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Club Penguin has updated their items file. The Arctic White Colour is now listed as exclusive and listing 200 coins, you can check it out below

( Click on the image to enlarge )

It will look like this

Remember don't hack this color or you will get banned, if you want to be white, just wait and you will get it when Club Penguin will release it.
Comment below your thougts!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Unreleased Puffle Items Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Club Penguin has added some new unreleased Puffle Hats to their Pet Items file, they are unlock able hats as they are listed 'cost 0' in the files. You can check it put below

(Click on the images to enlarge)

Here are the images of unreleased Puffle Hats

Jingle Jangle Hat

Knight Helmet

Sherwood Hat

Wizard Hat

Princess Braid

Surf Swoop

Sundae Swirl

All Star Curls

Shock of Hair

Do you think this items will be in treasure book series 17? or will be unlockable via stuff toys? comment below your thoughts!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Sport Shop Rebuilt And EPF Recon Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Yes you read right Club Penguin Sport Shop is going to Rebuilt with featuring a new game called Recon Missions . For more information scroll below!

As we all know after popcorn explosion Sport Shop was removed and replaced with Everyday Phoning Facility but again Sport shop is returning with a new look! don't worry  Everyday Phoning Facility is not gonna removed, both will be at ski village!

The Sport Shop Rebuilt has been confirmed in a Canadian magazine as a party to rebuild the Sport Shop. The Sports Shop should back with a Field-Op or a Secret Mission . That video shows the Ski Village with Ski Lodge, Everyday Phoning Facility, and Sport Shop near the Mountain. Also, it might be related to Operation: Blackout and EPF Recon Team. The PSA HQ and Command Room are not coming back. The event is set to coincide with the new EPF Recon Team game in August 2012. The Tourist Base will be built, as well as the Recon HQ.

Here is the picture of the Sport shop at the ski village

You all will be thinking what is The EPF Recon Team? Here is the answer

The EPF Recon Team is an agency coming out in August 2012. There will be four factions (Space, Communication, Battle, and Scout), with a new multiplayer game, Recon Missions. There will be a Recon HQ. The agency is set to coincide with the release of the Rebuild the Sport Shop event. The Recon Team does special tasks the most agents cannot handle. Gary and the Director decided the agency needed an expansion. The EPF Recon team will protect everyone, at any cost. This has been confirmed in an email by Club Penguin.

The Elite Penguin Force Recon Team are a select group of special agents assigned by the Director himself, and briefed to perform special tasks crucial to the survival of the agency. As a part of the EPF Recon Team, it is your job to defend the island from dangerous threats. We are counting on you. Herbert may have escaped hibernation, but with your intelligence and strength, we can apprehend him once and for all!

Recon agents will be able to participate in "Operation: Black-Out."

Space - Known for missions on different planets. They have breathing gear and intergalactic armor.

Communication - These agents are the communicators. They gather information about criminals and report findings through Recon Headsets.

Battle - These agents have special helmets and snowball launchers. They go into the battlefield to destroy any incoming threats.

Scouts - Look around for any criminal activity. Report to Communication.

You all will be thinking what is The EPF Recon HQ ? Here is the answer

Recon HQ is a room to be released in August 2012. It is the headquarters of the EPF Recon Team. It is exclusive to Recon agents. There will be a game called Recon Missions. The room features monitors, holographic projection table, jail cell, and Director's office. It was confirmed in an email to Club Penguin.

This room is the central main hub of the island. It has been confirmed that you will be able to meet Gary here. There will be a free item, the Recon Headset, during the construction event in late July 2012.

When the Director and Gary decided to launch the EPF Recon Team, they needed a strong headquarters. The HQ got constructed with the Sport Shop and Tourist Base in July of 2012. The agency was then launched with the HQ that August. Entrances to the HQ became available at the Cove and Tourist Base. 

You all will be thinking what is The EPF  Recon Missions  ? Here is the answer

Recon Missions is a game that will be playable August 2012. They follow story lines similar to Secret Missions, but with a brand new type of gameplay that fully takes you into the Club Penguin World. Use mission cards to blast your way through levels, and destroy Herbert's bots in all new environments. Call in reinforcements, upgrade gadgets, drive vehicles, and more.

This game includes multiplayer and co-op team battles and action packed levels. Guide your fellow Elite Penguin Force agents into the field and control vehicles such as dune buggys, helicoptors, and snow trekkers to save the island from robots. Handle new weapons such as lasers, snowball blasters, and more. This game will be done on a total 2D interface and will include boss battles, communicator, and all-new features.

-Navigate strange new territories on the island and command your team into the fight against Protobot.

-Earn medals and enhance your Elite Gear.

-Control vehicles such as helicopters, dune buggys, snow trekkers etc.

-Defeat the enemy robots and take out your weaponry for the fight.

  • The game consists of missions, each with five levels. They are:
  • Operation Black-Out
  • Operation Fire at the Plaza
  • Operation Rise of the Roboids
  • Operation Robot Invasion
  • Operation Destruction
  • Operation Herbert's Return
  • Operation Cavern Investigation

You must be a Recon agent to play this game.

It is rumored that you can use the brown puffle in this game.

It is a mystery what the EPF Brown puffle will be called, though Agent Crash has a Brown puffle named Cookie, who could possibly be the Elite puffle.

You all will be thinking who is Agent Crash ? Here is the answer 

Agent Crash is a penguin who works for the EPF Recon Team. He is the Director's partner, and will be meetable in the Recon HQ in August 2012. He has supersonic boots, a battle helmet, snowball blaster, and armor. He also has exclusive heat vision goggles. It is possible that he IS the Director. This has not been confirmed yet. Here is the image of Agent Crash

That's It For Now, As i get more information, i will give it to all of you and please if you are posting this give ClubPenguinSky credit ! Comment below your thought and theories.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.(Cpsky Owner)

Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2012 Clues With Answers and Free Items For April 2012 Exclusive 

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Club Penguin recently updated one of their files and after a little bit of looking I found out what’s new – they added 8 Easter Egg Hunt scavenger clues! This scavenger hunt will be called ''SILLY SCAVENGER HUNT I,  tried to guess the answers but failed but my friend Trainman helped me in this and he guess the answers, so here are they:

The first egg’s hid near shining gold, Somewhere deep and dark and cold. Underwater Lake
The next egg’s found near works of art, Plus lots of books to make you smart! Book Room
This next egg’s near a snowy shore. It’s hidden well. You must explore. Beach
Now head towards a wooden shack. You’re doing well, you’re right on track! Mine Shack
Search now near a tall white chair, For watching waves. The egg is there. Cove
The next one’s sure to make you smile. Just like you, this egg’s got style. Gift Shop
The next egg’s near a chair that lifts. You’re getting close, you must be swift! Ski Village or Mountain
The last egg’s near a big, bright light. You’re almost done, the end’s in sight. Lighthouse Beacon

Here is swf link:

The prize will be the Yellow Bunny Ears as it shows in the swf files (Which is below)

And when i look around in that file, i notice Club Penguin has added a new thing, its is related to scavenger hunt and recycling so may be it can be for Earth day party 2012, who knows? you can check it out below!

It didn't said any room in it and i think the free item will be 'Safari helmet' because Club Penguin has added an item to their file and it is not a member item and related to Earth day party 2012, you can check it out below:

And the free item for Club Penguin April Fool's party 2012 will be 'Blue Propeller hat'

And there was an item name 'Hat Box' and it was not for members so i guess it will be also free

There are more to post about unreleased items but i'll post it tomorrow so until then waddle on!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Unreleased April Fools Day Party 2012 Rooms Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Club Penguin has updated one of their files, listing what three or four rooms at the 2012 April Fool’s Day Party will be.

The three dimensions listed are:
Strange Dimension
Zany Dimension
Orange Dimension

There is also a fourth new room, without a name. The music playing is the stage play music for Haunting of the Viking Opera. The three dimensions listed above have different music from last year’s Medieval Party playing. I do not know why.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Support Shadow Ninja Email Exclusive

UPDATE: This is just a fake image, lots of people agree on twitter, i got scammed by P140598552 :( , she has also said bad things about me on her blog, check it out by clicking here (Be sure to check comments of her post)

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Today my friend IceCube224 gave me a pic of an email sent to Club Penguin team, this email was sent by P140598552 (Katy29654) from

When P140598552 asked Club Penguin team, is there any Shadow ninjas? Club Penguin team replied saying 

Greetings Ninja,
Thanks for waddling by with your question! Your question is commonly asked here at club penguin support and sadly there is not going to be a shadow ninja.
I',m sorry to disappoint you!
Please feel free to write back to us with any cool questions, icy ideas or snow suggestions, we always love to hear from our beaked buddies!

Waddle on

Club Penguin Support

Here is the image of it

Weired huh? Why should Club Penguin team will say this question is commonly asked here? what do you say? Comment it and once again thanks to Icecube224 and P140598552 (Katy29654) for giving me this image
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin 3 Unreleased Treasure Book Series 16 Items Exclusive 

Hello friends its Azeemsky here,
Club Penguin has added more items to their items file, it seems this items are from the treasure book series 16 as it show cost 0 and it is not a member item so it all means, it will be unlock able from treasure book or U.K Magazine code

They are:
  • Celadon Alien Mask
  • Celadon Alien Costume
  • Handheld Ereader Tablet
Here is the images of the Cp files

I know this image has crossed the sidebars but if i make it smaller, it will be too much smaller and you can't see it!

What your thoughts on it? Comment Below!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Protobot To Be Meet able On Club Penguin Soon *Exclusive*

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Recently Club Penguin has added a ID to Protobot in Club Penguin files, if you don't know what will happen if they add a ID, i will say you now,  Mascots only have an ID(s) listed in Club Penguin’s file if they’re meetable, or going to be meetable…so why would Club Penguin add a single ID for Protobot? Is he going to meetable in the near future? You can see the image of it below:

You see that? At the end. The 178349256 ? its the Protobot ID!  What do you think? Will he be on the island in the future? What for? Why? This is interesting! I need to make a php tracker soon to track him down
-Your Friends Azeemsky.

Sensei Interviews About Shadow Ninja Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here,Today I was cleaning my laptop data and i was having too much waste cp recded videos so i was deleting it, i opened a video name "Meeting Sensei" which i have not uploaded on youtube, I was sawing that video suddenly an exclusive caught my eyes, a penguin asked Sensei


And unexpected, Sensei replied him by saying

'i do not know of shadow ninja'

And then That penguin again ask


Then again Sensei replied him by saying

'there are many secrets in the ninja world'

Then Sensei laughed a mysteriour laugh

heh heh

Again that penguin replied saying


Then again Sensei replied

'that remains to be seen my friend'

And the penguins reply


Then Sensei replied

'there are many secrets'

And then this conversation of Shadow ninja ends but later many penguins asked him, is there a shadow nina? but he did not replied again!

Do you think its fake? so here is the proof, enjoy :)

So friends, what do you say, is there will be shadow ninjas or not? Many peoples are saying Card Jitsu Snow will be out in May 2012, what do you say? this time Sensei has said he don't know of Shadow Ninjas, so friends what do you think, is Sensei lying?

Lets the conversation begin in comments and this time i will be replying to all comments.

-Your Friend Azeemsky (Cpsky Owner)

Club Penguin Black Out Field Ops Message Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here,
Today I was looking for something new in the files of Club Penguin and i came across an unreleased field ops message, it was related to black out! you can check it out below:

It says 
Excellent work agent-you cracked the enemy signal just in time!
The message you decoded said: "Klutzy we strike the Lighthouse on Thursday, Bring the drill!"
This gives us time to prepare our defenses, Be on alert for out counter-attack.

What do you think? is black out coming on May or August?  start the conversation in comments!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin White Penguin Color Coming Soon? Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here,

Today I was looking for something new in the files of Club Penguin and I found a new color that will be released soon. The color is light gray, and many of you may be thinking, this color is equal to the Sensei ? But I disagree, both have a great similarity , but are totally different look! you can check it out below!

"Cost": 0, "IS_MEMBER": false, "label": "# # Arctic White # # "

Pretty cool, huh? I translate'' Arctic White'' that in Portuguese means Arctic White . One thing that caught my attention, is that according to the files of the CP , it will be released to everyone. I can not wait to take my inventory. And you are eager to have it? Tell us their comments.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Two New Games Coming Soon To Club Penguin? Exclusive

Once again I’ve found a little interesting bit in Club Penguin’s files, this time having to do with games! By the looks of it, Club Penguin will be adding not one, but two new games sometime soon. Here’s a quick sample from Club Penguin’s files:

Here’s the full snippet:

While it could change, we’ll be getting two new games for everyone to play – they aren’t something like Card-Jitsu Fire or Card-Jitsu Water where only members can play. I do not know if they will come with stamps or if some parts of the same will be members only. What do you think? Once I know more information such as the names of the games I will be sure to post about it.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Underwater Party Free Items Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Today i was watching the Club Penguin Underwater Party Sneak Peek Video and i notice something in it, i notice that in the  Underwater Party Sneak Peek Video they have gives us clue of what will be the next free item.

In the video if you notice when Happy77 waddle through beach they showed us sneak peek of Underwater Party free item

And when Hapyy77 reaches Light house they showed us some Anvils,

Below is the detail video on free item that showed in Happy77 video

And As i posted in last post on Underwater party free items exclusive the free item for this party will be Heavy Hat, i have not got pics of it but i will get it soon, and in the same post Underwater party free items exclusive i have posted that we will get a free background name Cleaned Up Dock Background and if you notice in the Underwater Party sneak peek video you can notice that Happy77 is cleaning the dock and if you have not notice see the video below

So we can get the Cleaned Up Dock Background by cleaning dock? what ever but sounds fun!
Comment below your thought on this exclusive post.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Unreleased Item January 2012 Exclusive !

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, i have some unreleased stuff exclusives,check it out below and Thanks to Azber for this! 

Body Items:
Submarine Suit for 0 coins (members only)

Head Items:
Heavy Hat for 0 coins (for nonmembers too)

Beach Chair Pin (free, for everyone)

Cleaned Up Dock Background (for nonmembers too and is free)

So friends i know how to get this and i will post that exclusive next so keep visiting here for it!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Shadow Ninja Dance And Wave Actions Exclusive!

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, i have got some more Shadow ninja exclusives and this time i have got Shadow ninja special dance and wave Exclusive! we know fire ninja and water ninja  dance and wave and for snow ninja the mystery is still mystery and for shadow ninja?? Shadow ninja dance and wave mystery is no longer mystery it has been revealed by ClubPenguinSky, Yes we are right you can see the exclusives below :)

This is the Shadow ninja dance

This is Shadow ninja wave

This is hmm Shadow ninja dance base?? not sure
Club penguin Shadow Ninja Dance Base

Here is the video i made to let you know in details how Shadow ninja dance and wave looks in Club Penguin.

This is a detail Shadow ninja outfit video

So friends do you like the dances ? ClubPenguinSky has open several Shadow ninja mysteries but more has to be open like in amulet there is Shadow ninja stone so why we have not been a shadow ninja? may be we need to earn all gems so then it will work?

Well nothing can be say now as Club Penguin is full of secrets and who know a new ninja journey awaits us as we don't know about it? so friends be sure to comment below to let us know what you think about this exclusive.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin : Under Water Party Boxes Exclusive !

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, I have found an exclusive cheat where you can skip forward until Tuesday's view of the island! To do this, follow this steps :

First: Change your Date, time zone and time to the numbers Shown below:

Go to the Snow Forts to check that Club Penguin's date is Tuesday 24th 2012.

Waddle over to the Beach and you will see more boxes at beach like this

So friends do you like this cool awesome cheat? Comment below your thought on this post!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Shadow Ninja Another Exclusive!

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, After a long time i got another Shadow ninja exclusive and this time this is my favorite exclusive as we can see the shadow ninja in it

This exclusive can be of Shadow ninja game or a Shadow ninja power card or something else well nothing can be said now by the way friends do you like this exclusive? i also have the shadow ninja special dance and wave exclusive which i will post it later, so friends comment below your thoughts on this exclusive !
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Feature Languages Exclusive !

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, I get an exclusive with the names of all future languages ​​that will be in Club Penguin in the future , as everyone should already be heard as new language is German , he was released and recent. I estova half curious to know what will be the most new language that will be released and then go around looking for something that in many sites proves this, and suddenly I thought, now I'll show you the picture that proves the existence of new languages ​​, see:

This is a code that shows the future languages ​​that will be released in future Club Penguin , will be launched 8 languages ​​in the above code does not have the number 7 then probably will have more than one language now we will list what I did, see:

EN: Português - English
PT: Portuguese - Portuguese
FR: French - French
ES: Spanish - Spanish
DE: Deutsch - German
IT: Italian - Italian
ZH: No translation for now
JA: Japanese - Japanese

As you can see the next language will be Italian and then a language with the acronym "ZH" , and finally the Japanese language that concentrates a large population of players from Club Penguin .

So what's the parents who will be with the acronym "ZH" ? Comentem with your response below this posting

Club Penguin : Underwater Party Room : Underwater Maze Exclusive!

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, In the new Club Penguin safe chat messages if you notice there is a message let's explore the underwater maze! so it means we will get an underwater maze in the party nut i'm not sure is it will be for non-members or not by the way see the pics below!

Take a look in zoom

So friends are you exited about the party? once again thanks to  for telling me this! comment your thoughts below!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin More Info About The Party EXCLUSIVE!

I had emailed Club Penguin about the party and this is what they gave me :
If you cant read it this is what it said:

Hey there penguin pal!  It's great to hear from you. Although Rookie has claimed to have re-written the play for the 12th Fish which should be starting this week at the Stage we haven't heard anything about him coming to act it out. I recommend that you keep an eye on the Club Penguin Times for more information about upcoming character visits and future parties. I have a feeling that the next party is going to involve water... lots of it!  In the meantime, keep up to date with all the latest Club Penguin news by checking our blog. The What's New Blog posts news about what's going on around the island all the time and you can even catch some cool videos posted. Be sure to check it out from the link below:  Thank you for writing in, please let us know if you have any questions or fun stories to share with us; we are always here to help you out!  Keep it frosty!

For sure I know that Rookie is coming but we are not sure what room he is visiting. I think he will be at the stage because of the fact he is helping out for the new play.

 Tell us on the comments of what you think is gonna happen!

Club Penguin : Underwater Expedition Party Confirm Next Week EXCLUSIVE!

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, when i was watching club penguin latest video Januray 2012 catalog sneak peek i notice a person commented 
then happy77 replied him
@giritina66 Fabulous! I can't wait for the comes out next week! ;) -Happy77 

And another person also commented 
Happy, Whens the party coming?
and Happy77 replied
@swilliams791 Next week... ;) -Happy77

Below is the pics of it

So are you exited? well this is not a great sneak peek has we already know it but it is good that our wait has till next week, are you happy about happy comment..xD?
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Events Of 2012 Exclusive!

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, many penguins this week must be wondering:

"What will happen this year 2012 " .

Well I found a magazine of Disney talking about the main news that IRAM roll around in 2012 , this magazine is a calendar with the schedule for the year 2012 . Several famous penguins  come to the island many holidays new new challenges for penguins adventurers and among other innovations . Let's see the illustration of the cover of the magazine, see:

Unfortunately the magazine is not available for the Portuguese language , but to make you more informed about the schedule of 2012 , our team got the list of events that started in 2012 . However, we can not the images of the calendar for you: see the list:



, with the possible visit of the Rookie stage.

February: Rockhopper will return to the island ... with a new adventure!

March: The Puffles party expected around the island.

April: April fool's and Earth Day.

May: A new event ... ninja (Probably the Snow Ninja Challenge or shadow ninja)

June: Prepare your instruments - Music Jam back!


To Be Decided.

August: Ssshh ... Operation new EPF ... (Probably the blackout)

September : Rockhopper in party joins the fair.

October: Halloween Party and Anniversary of the CP!

November: To Be Decided.

December: Christmas Party and Coins For Change 2012.

Our ! This year 2012 promises many new and festivals ranging unforgettable , manyevents are changing due to the new month celebrations that are coming as the Puffle party that is now in the month of March .and others who were completely excluded as the Medieval party . But all in all I think this new program very interesting . And you know what you think of this new program ? Comment 'd love to know what you're thinking about the year 2012 .

Note: we will post the pics soon

-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin : Rookie Visiting Club Penguin In January Exclusive!

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, I'm back with a bang with an awesome exclusive, when i was looking in swf files i notice that Rookie is visiting Club Penguin in January  with a new brand new background and here is the proof xD

And even i have more proofs

And see this EPF message from Rookie

So it is comnfirm he is coming to Cp in January so if you are finding him use our rookie tracker and it will be revealed in next news paper about Rookie will be coming so friends do you like this post? Comment below!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Shadow Ninja Mega Exclusive

Hello Friends Its Azeemsky here, While i was looking in the SWF files i got a MEGA EXCLUSIVEof SHADOW NINJA !

Look at the first exclusive , Town is surrounded with storm

And in this you can see Sensei wearing Shadow Ninja suit !

And last but not the least, video of a swf file !

So what you think about it ? I got some more from the island of penguins

The black clouds is coming to Club Penguin and this cloud will become storm

And Again Shadows spotted in Club Penguin and this could be sign of SHADOW NINJA !

Shadows spotted in Dojo

Shadows spotted in Light House

Shadows spotted in Ski Lodge

Shadows spotted in Gift Shop

So this will be sign of a new Ninja Journey ! So my friends a new Ninja Journey awaits for you ! are you ready ? Comment here !
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Shadow Ninja Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, As Ninja fever is going on Club Penguin, I'm showing you Shadow Ninja Exclusives ! I know this exclusives has already been shown months ago but i'm showing this again so our card jitsu excitement can't get off and who knows this card jitsu party shadow ninja will release ? So look below for my post on SHADOW NINJA

I'am showing you suit of Shadow Ninja ! It is same like fire and water ninja !





And i also found images of the shadow ninja game cards

This one looks like a penguin and Sensei are building the Shadow Dojo! :O

And this one looks like the Shadow Ninja's shadow has been found in mirror

And here is the final and my favorite one:

This one is my favorite because it shows you what the Shadow Ninja outfit will look like and how the shadow is scaring the orange penguin.

And here are some pictures(Swf files) of the possible moves of the Shadow Ninja!

1 swf

2 swf

As we know, there are signs of him the amulet ninja:

And also in hiding:

This is the same symbol on the helmet of the Shadow Ninjas:

The icon found in the kimono, you can see below:

And i also got shadow ninja stamps from Tazboi Website
Shadow Ninja Stamps
  • The First stamp looks like a "win a match" stamp. it should be the easiest one to get in the new Card Jitsu game
  • The Second stamp looks like a "Shadow midway" stamp. Based on the past card jitsu stamps you will get this when you receive the shadow ninja coat 50% through the game
  • The third stamp looks like the "Shadow suit" stamp. you will receive this stamp when you complete your shadow ninja suit.
  • The fourth stamp is the "Shadow Expert" stamp. you get this when you win 100 matches
  • The last stamp is the "Shadow ninja" stamp. you can get this stamp by defeating the shadow Sensei to become a shadow ninja.
So are you exited about all of this ? and i got another Exclusive which i will post later !Be sure to comment below !
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Coins For Change Cap Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, My friend Froster has found a great exclusive and that exclusive is unreleased hat and that hat could be a free item in holiday party 2011 ! below there is a pic of a penguin which is in middle of the three penguin and showing coin and if you notice his head item he is wearing that unreleased item!


I like the new hat and once again thanks to Froster and what is your thoughts ? comment it !
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Coins For Change Beach Exclusive !

Hello friends its Azeemsky here , My friend Froster has again found an Exclusive and this is a sneak peek of upcoming Holiday party 2011 . Take a look below !

Don't think it is fake because of the PSA spy phone ! As Froster said the penguin Pinkyunicorn is not an EPF Agent and she is still PSA Agent and if you will notice to Chuchu Br Penguin which is Orange in color he has a green circle around him which is the new feature of buddy system. And id you remember the Holiday Party 2011 Sneak peek rooms post i posted and in which it show the image of the beach ! take a look

Only The coins for change banners has been added in the first image .

So what you think about this Exclusive Sneak peek ? Comment Below !
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Sneak Peek

Hello Friends its Azeemsky here, first of all Thanks to ClubPenguinCheatsy for giving this exclusive first !

And below is the exclusive ! enjoy :)

During the month of December 2011, Club Penguin will be hosting it’s annual Holiday Party that is held every year. This party features a Christmas themed Island, along with Holiday themed clothing items, and even igloos. This year, this will the the 7th annual Holiday Party that Club Penguin has ever hosted. Also, during this party Club Penguin usually launches their Coins for Change drive in which penguins get to donate their coins to help the less fortunate!

I just wanted to show you guys a few pictures of the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 and what it will look like this year:

Holiday Party 2011 Town:

This year, the town will have sort of a toy shop theme in which you can see conveyor belts and Christmas lights strolling the the buildings. Also, instead of just the sign for the sleigh ride this year, there’s another sign for another room this year. I wonder what that could be.

Holiday Party 2011 Town

Holiday Party 2011 Plaza:

The Plaza looks wonderful this year. It looks sort of like a town center with all the pathways and decorations. I really love the big ornament in the center of the room! Also, according to the stage banner, the new play for this party will be Club Penguin A Humbug Holiday. Can’t wait to put on my scrooge costume :P

Holiday Party 2011 Plaza

Holiday Party 2011 Forest:

The forest has some sort of building that is decorated for the 12 days of Christmas. I can never remember that song for the life of me…

Also, there’s that sign again…What could that possibly be???

Holiday Party 2011 Forest

Holiday Party 2011 Coffee Shop:

The Coffee Shop hasn’t been revamped much since the other parties, but it is still one of my favorite rooms for this party. It’s by far one of the most cheerful rooms to be in during this party due to the music, brightness, and decorations. I think I may have my next party in there.

Holiday Party 2011 Coffee Shop

Holiday Party 2011 Stadium:

The Stadium will be transformed into a winter wonderland as well for this party. Instead of grass, we’ll get ice. I’m pretty sure there will be penguins sliding all over the place when they find this room! Check out the sky in the background, looks cool doesn’t it?

Holiday Party 2011 Stadium

Holiday Party 2011 Snow Forts:

The Snow Forts hasn’t transformed much from the 2010 party either, but it’s still nice nonetheless. I love the candy canes! I wonder what the blue one taste like….think I might give it a lick :P

Holiday Party 2011 Snow Forts

Holiday Party 2011 Iceberg:

The Iceberg…My favorite room of all time. It still features the little tree that transforms from a little twig into this magnificent Holiday Tree. I’ll try not to climb on it this year, it’s just so tempting.

Holiday Party 2011 Iceberg

Holiday Party 2011 Dock:

The Dock hasn’t changed at all this year. How disappointing! Just kidding, but here’s a little fact for ya: I filmed one of the scenes of the “I gots me a bell” music video in this same room and it had the decorations that you see below. Cool, Club Penguin preserving the history I guess.

Holiday Party 2011 Dock

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Village:

The Village this year looks very peaceful, there’s usually a free item in this room but I guess it got moved this year. I was hoping to see the antlers or Santa hat in this room again, but oh well.

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Village

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Mountain:

The Mountain is another preserved room from the previous parties. Good news is, you can get a better look at that cool sky that we saw earlier.

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Mountain

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Dojo Entrace/Exit:

The Dojo Entrance/Exit is lit up this year! Well, it has been every year since it’s release but this year it just looks extra spectacular. I really love the Christmas Tree of Lights and the Puffles with the Santa hats. If you look closely near the Ninja Hideout near the element symbols, you can see something that looks like the Club Penguin Card Jitsu Snow Symbol. Could this be another hint that Club Penguin is giving us?

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Dojo Exit

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Beacon:

Just wanted to point out the coins that are basically bursting out of the staircase. Looks like the Lighthouse will be the Epicenter for the Coins for Change 2011 just like last year where we filled it up with coins. I have a special Coins For Change 2011 surprise this year that I can’t wait to release, so be sure to be on the lookout for that as well.

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Beacon

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Ski Lodge

The Ski Lodge looks a tad bit different this year, dare I say…Christmasier? Pretty sure I just made that word up, but it describes this room perfectly.

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Ski Lodge

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Night Club:

The Night Club has been rearranged a little for this year. A couple of tweaks that really bring out all of the colors and cheerfulness. If you look at the sign up under the sign that says Work Shop, you can see it says Bakery. Maybe this is that “Secret room” that we couldn’t figure out earlier….

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Night Club

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Bakery:

The Bakery seems like a brand new room only for this party. It features a big machine that appears to make cookies. In one corner you can get your bakery apron if you would like to work inside or even go over to the other corner to get the Ginger Bread House Igloo that we mentioned in an earlier post. Nevermind the iceberg being my favorite room thing, this is my new favorite room. I wonder if they have pie….

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Bakery

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Workshop:

This is where you’ll go if you click that other sign that we mentioned earlier, the workshop is where all the little elves make toys for Santa, then Santa goes and delivers all of the toys to every penguin in Club Penguin in one night. Also, you can access the Bakery from this room as well. Santa deserves a snack after all that delivering!

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Workshop

A few other rooms that weren’t mentioned were The Pizza Parlor, Rockhopper’s Ship, The Sleigh Ride, and the Book room. All of these rooms will be decorated for the Holidays as well. Be sure to bookmark our site, we will be releasing ALL of the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Cheatsas soon as they are released. This post was huge because I just love the Holidays and everything about it, so this deserved to be one of the largest post on our site!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment on this post. I will reply to it as soon as possible. If you find anything else that you would like to send it, please leave that in the comments as well.

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Server Jumping Loading Screen EXCLUSIVE!

    Hello Friends its Azeemsky here,
    I posted the month of October an overview of the jump server. You could see a video of penguins who changed the server using dimensional boxes. Here is a more practical function:

    This is the screen that will display when you change server. Again, I think it helps a lot because we will not need to disconnect to meet our friends. Give us credit if you post on your site.
    What do you think of the preview of the jump server?

    Give me your opinion by leaving a comment!

    -Your Friend Azeemsky.

    Another free code ? ( Exclusive )

    ClubPenguinSky is first to post this !

    Hello friends its Azeemsky here,
    i was waddling on sleet and i notice some penguin was wearing this coat and saying they unlocked it , so is it new code coming out ? lets check the coat below

    is it will be a new code and if it is Cpsky will post it as soon as we get
    -Your Friend Azeemsky.

    Club Penguin Unreleased Card Jitsu Party 2011 Wallpapers (Exclusive)

    Hello friends its Azeemsky here. I'am showing you Unreleased Club Penguin wallpapers themed Card Jitsu Party

    First is of Fire Ninja

    and second is of water ninja !

    As we know snow ninja is not coming this year and a big Card Jitsu party is going to held in Club Penguin ! this both wallpapers are unreleased and it is Exclusives ! what you think about this two new awesome unreleased exclusives wallpapers ? Comment below !
    -Your Friend Azeemsky.

    Club Penguin : Klutzy Will Save Herbert Exclusive

    Club Penguin Sky Is First To Post This Exclusive.

    Hello friends its Azeemsky here , i have got some clues witch shows klutzy will save Herbert from a long sleep. Look below for the pics

    Look out this , Agent from behind of the light has moved to left side and klutzy is appearing there .

    And in the latest Background of Gary there is claw of a crab and as you know there is one crab who appears in EPF for now and it is Klutzy the crab.

    Take a look in zoom , I'am sure it is Klutzy .

    and as you know Klutzy escaped EPF Hibernation trap and we all know he will save Herbert so he will do it in this month or next ? What you think about this , we must to find it out and as you know this is Exclusive and first by Club Penguin Sky so give credits to us if you are posting this post .
    -Your Friend Azeemsky.

    CLUBPENGUINSKY EXCLUSIVE: Club Penguin New Halloween Party 2011 Rooms, Events & More!

    Club Penguin Sky Is First To Post This !

    Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Today my friend give a picture of a magazine in which talked about this year Halloween party New Room .Look below for the picture
    Thanks to Peanut3143 for the image

    This room is called the Monster Catcher HQ .It is going to be located at the cove . there is going to be ghosts,unicorns.werewolves and other costumes available .may be it have a catalog ? This party will have new stamps and a scavanger hunt . Fourth part of Night of the living sled. There will also be a new maze coming to the dark chamber so is it cool ?We have some sneak peeks of this room . Look below for this pictures


    This Pictures are from Club Penguin new Youtube Channel .So it can be the new room Sneak Peek !

    So what you think about this .Let us know in comments !And remember CPSKY is again first to post this
    -Your Friend Azeemsky.

    Club Penguin Upcoming Puffles Exclusives & Sneak peeks!

    Club Penguin Sky is first to post this

    Hello friends its Azeemsky here , Recently Happy 77 made a post about he Puffle features and she also give a photo and that photo contain some exclusives sneak peek , let me show you .

    1. SLED :Is it Night of the living sled 4 Sneak peek
    2. TO DO :ADD MORE STUFF TO BETA TEAM : It means more games and Sneak peeks are coming in Beat team
    3. TO DO : REMINDER PUFFLESCAPE IS NEW ...: Can't read . I think it say Pufflescape is new name of Rollerscape or Pufflescape is new game !
    4. PETS BOOK : Looks like puffle catalog will be available when we click on puffle
    5. NEW BAR : Club Penguin is adding a new bar and it is tittle *ZZZZ* i think it is a sleeping icon :/
    6. PUFFLE STAT : As we know now puffle will again come with their stats!
    So is this post is Exclusive and do you like it ! Leave a comment and let us know
    -Your Friend Azeemsky.

    Club Penguin Upcoming Updates

    Hello friends its Azeemsky here, I made this post to let you know upcoming Club Penguin updates . These updates said in Billybob Video : Special Updates From Billybob ! as some updates has arrived to the Club Penguin and many more to come . so look below for our reminder of what updates are coming soon in Club Penguin !

    • Halloween Party- All accounts at Haunted Mansion
    • Club Penguin 6th Anniversary Party
    • Unlimited Buddies (Almost)
    • New Chat System
    • Puffle Stats and Notifications
    I'am waiting for unlimited buddies and Halloween Party ! For what update are you waiting for ? Let us know in comments and don't forget to vote it too on our all new poll!
    -Your Friend Azeemsky.

    Club Penguin : Halloween Party Unreleased Items Exclusive

    Unreleased Items Exclusive

    Hello friends its AZEEMSKY here! Remember the lists I've made on future items that are currently unreleased? It's time that I update you, and here's what I've found (note - most of them have Treasure Book item IDs):

    Head Items
    • Glowing Pumpkin Head (all players, free)
    • Zebra Tails (members, free)
    • Armored Viking Helmet (members, free)
    • The Nocturnal (all players, free)
    • Nutcracker Hat (members, free)
    Face Items
    • Viking Beard (members, free)
    • Grim Glasses (members, free)
    Body Items
    • Elephant Costume (members, free)
    • Jolly Roger Dress (members, free)
    • Freaky Tiki Outfit (members, free)
    • Vking Captain Tunic (members, free)
    • Classy Vampire Outfit (members, free)
    • Present Outfit (members, free)
    • Holiday Lights (members, free)
    • Nutcracker Outfit (members, free)
    • Scarlet Admiral Coat (all players, free)
    Hand Items
    • Monster Muzak (all players, 75 coins)
    • Striped Pompoms (members, free)
    • Freaky Tiki Staff (members, free)
    • Candy Ghost BG (members, free)
    Remember that you can check this page on the Club Penguin Wiki for all the latest unreleased item exclusives!

    What you think about this . Let us know in comments .
    -Your Friend Azeemsky.