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Club Penguin Support Shadow Ninja Email Exclusive

UPDATE: This is just a fake image, lots of people agree on twitter, i got scammed by P140598552 :( , she has also said bad things about me on her blog, check it out by clicking here (Be sure to check comments of her post)

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Today my friend IceCube224 gave me a pic of an email sent to Club Penguin team, this email was sent by P140598552 (Katy29654) from

When P140598552 asked Club Penguin team, is there any Shadow ninjas? Club Penguin team replied saying 

Greetings Ninja,
Thanks for waddling by with your question! Your question is commonly asked here at club penguin support and sadly there is not going to be a shadow ninja.
I',m sorry to disappoint you!
Please feel free to write back to us with any cool questions, icy ideas or snow suggestions, we always love to hear from our beaked buddies!

Waddle on

Club Penguin Support

Here is the image of it

Weired huh? Why should Club Penguin team will say this question is commonly asked here? what do you say? Comment it and once again thanks to Icecube224 and P140598552 (Katy29654) for giving me this image
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Sensei Interviews About Shadow Ninja Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here,Today I was cleaning my laptop data and i was having too much waste cp recded videos so i was deleting it, i opened a video name "Meeting Sensei" which i have not uploaded on youtube, I was sawing that video suddenly an exclusive caught my eyes, a penguin asked Sensei


And unexpected, Sensei replied him by saying

'i do not know of shadow ninja'

And then That penguin again ask


Then again Sensei replied him by saying

'there are many secrets in the ninja world'

Then Sensei laughed a mysteriour laugh

heh heh

Again that penguin replied saying


Then again Sensei replied

'that remains to be seen my friend'

And the penguins reply


Then Sensei replied

'there are many secrets'

And then this conversation of Shadow ninja ends but later many penguins asked him, is there a shadow nina? but he did not replied again!

Do you think its fake? so here is the proof, enjoy :)

So friends, what do you say, is there will be shadow ninjas or not? Many peoples are saying Card Jitsu Snow will be out in May 2012, what do you say? this time Sensei has said he don't know of Shadow Ninjas, so friends what do you think, is Sensei lying?

Lets the conversation begin in comments and this time i will be replying to all comments.

-Your Friend Azeemsky (Cpsky Owner)

Club Penguin Shadow Ninja Dance And Wave Actions Exclusive!

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, i have got some more Shadow ninja exclusives and this time i have got Shadow ninja special dance and wave Exclusive! we know fire ninja and water ninja  dance and wave and for snow ninja the mystery is still mystery and for shadow ninja?? Shadow ninja dance and wave mystery is no longer mystery it has been revealed by ClubPenguinSky, Yes we are right you can see the exclusives below :)

This is the Shadow ninja dance

This is Shadow ninja wave

This is hmm Shadow ninja dance base?? not sure
Club penguin Shadow Ninja Dance Base

Here is the video i made to let you know in details how Shadow ninja dance and wave looks in Club Penguin.

This is a detail Shadow ninja outfit video

So friends do you like the dances ? ClubPenguinSky has open several Shadow ninja mysteries but more has to be open like in amulet there is Shadow ninja stone so why we have not been a shadow ninja? may be we need to earn all gems so then it will work?

Well nothing can be say now as Club Penguin is full of secrets and who know a new ninja journey awaits us as we don't know about it? so friends be sure to comment below to let us know what you think about this exclusive.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Shadow Ninja Another Exclusive!

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, After a long time i got another Shadow ninja exclusive and this time this is my favorite exclusive as we can see the shadow ninja in it

This exclusive can be of Shadow ninja game or a Shadow ninja power card or something else well nothing can be said now by the way friends do you like this exclusive? i also have the shadow ninja special dance and wave exclusive which i will post it later, so friends comment below your thoughts on this exclusive !

-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Shadow Dojo Exclusive !

Hello Friends Its Azeemsky Here,While i was searching for more Shadow Ninja Exclusives i come across the Exclusive and it was of Shadow Dojo . have a look below

Take a look to Shadow Sensei

It is not an edit ! it is true and check out the video too

So friends slowly slowly all Shadow ninja proofs are coming out so i guess a new ninja journey will begin after holiday party 2011 but i'am not sure ! i will try to find some more proofs until then waddle on ! be sure to comment !
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Shadow Ninja Mega Exclusive

Hello Friends Its Azeemsky here, While i was looking in the SWF files i got a MEGA EXCLUSIVEof SHADOW NINJA !

Look at the first exclusive , Town is surrounded with storm

And in this you can see Sensei wearing Shadow Ninja suit !

And last but not the least, video of a swf file !

So what you think about it ? I got some more from the island of penguins

The black clouds is coming to Club Penguin and this cloud will become storm

And Again Shadows spotted in Club Penguin and this could be sign of SHADOW NINJA !

Shadows spotted in Dojo

Shadows spotted in Light House

Shadows spotted in Ski Lodge

Shadows spotted in Gift Shop

So this will be sign of a new Ninja Journey ! So my friends a new Ninja Journey awaits for you ! are you ready ? Comment here !
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Shadow Ninja Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, As Ninja fever is going on Club Penguin, I'm showing you Shadow Ninja Exclusives ! I know this exclusives has already been shown months ago but i'm showing this again so our card jitsu excitement can't get off and who knows this card jitsu party shadow ninja will release ? So look below for my post on SHADOW NINJA

I'am showing you suit of Shadow Ninja ! It is same like fire and water ninja !





And i also found images of the shadow ninja game cards

This one looks like a penguin and Sensei are building the Shadow Dojo! :O

And this one looks like the Shadow Ninja's shadow has been found in mirror

And here is the final and my favorite one:

This one is my favorite because it shows you what the Shadow Ninja outfit will look like and how the shadow is scaring the orange penguin.

And here are some pictures(Swf files) of the possible moves of the Shadow Ninja!

1 swf

2 swf

As we know, there are signs of him the amulet ninja:

And also in hiding:

This is the same symbol on the helmet of the Shadow Ninjas:

The icon found in the kimono, you can see below:

And i also got shadow ninja stamps from Tazboi Website
Shadow Ninja Stamps
  • The First stamp looks like a "win a match" stamp. it should be the easiest one to get in the new Card Jitsu game
  • The Second stamp looks like a "Shadow midway" stamp. Based on the past card jitsu stamps you will get this when you receive the shadow ninja coat 50% through the game
  • The third stamp looks like the "Shadow suit" stamp. you will receive this stamp when you complete your shadow ninja suit.
  • The fourth stamp is the "Shadow Expert" stamp. you get this when you win 100 matches
  • The last stamp is the "Shadow ninja" stamp. you can get this stamp by defeating the shadow Sensei to become a shadow ninja.
So are you exited about all of this ? and i got another Exclusive which i will post later !Be sure to comment below !
-Your Friend Azeemsky.