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Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Sneak Peek

Hello Friends its Azeemsky here, first of all Thanks to ClubPenguinCheatsy for giving this exclusive first !
And below is the exclusive ! enjoy :)
During the month of December 2011, Club Penguin will be hosting it’s annual Holiday Party that is held every year. This party features a Christmas themed Island, along with Holiday themed clothing items, and even igloos. This year, this will the the 7th annual Holiday Party that Club Penguin has ever hosted. Also, during this party Club Penguin usually launches their Coins for Change drive in which penguins get to donate their coins to help the less fortunate!
I just wanted to show you guys a few pictures of the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 and what it will look like this year:
Holiday Party 2011 Town:
This year, the town will have sort of a toy shop theme in which you can see conveyor belts and Christmas lights strolling the the buildings. Also, instead of just the sign for the sleigh ride this year, there’s another sign for another room this year. I wonder what that could be.
Holiday Party 2011 Town
Holiday Party 2011 Plaza:
The Plaza looks wonderful this year. It looks sort of like a town center with all the pathways and decorations. I really love the big ornament in the center of the room! Also, according to the stage banner, the new play for this party will be Club Penguin A Humbug Holiday. Can’t wait to put on my scrooge costume :P
Holiday Party 2011 Plaza
Holiday Party 2011 Forest:
The forest has some sort of building that is decorated for the 12 days of Christmas. I can never remember that song for the life of me…
Also, there’s that sign again…What could that possibly be???
Holiday Party 2011 Forest
Holiday Party 2011 Coffee Shop:
The Coffee Shop hasn’t been revamped much since the other parties, but it is still one of my favorite rooms for this party. It’s by far one of the most cheerful rooms to be in during this party due to the music, brightness, and decorations. I think I may have my next party in there.
Holiday Party 2011 Coffee Shop
Holiday Party 2011 Stadium:
The Stadium will be transformed into a winter wonderland as well for this party. Instead of grass, we’ll get ice. I’m pretty sure there will be penguins sliding all over the place when they find this room! Check out the sky in the background, looks cool doesn’t it?
Holiday Party 2011 Stadium
Holiday Party 2011 Snow Forts:
The Snow Forts hasn’t transformed much from the 2010 party either, but it’s still nice nonetheless. I love the candy canes! I wonder what the blue one taste like….think I might give it a lick :P
Holiday Party 2011 Snow Forts
Holiday Party 2011 Iceberg:
The Iceberg…My favorite room of all time. It still features the little tree that transforms from a little twig into this magnificent Holiday Tree. I’ll try not to climb on it this year, it’s just so tempting.
Holiday Party 2011 Iceberg
Holiday Party 2011 Dock:
The Dock hasn’t changed at all this year. How disappointing! Just kidding, but here’s a little fact for ya: I filmed one of the scenes of the “I gots me a bell” music video in this same room and it had the decorations that you see below. Cool, Club Penguin preserving the history I guess.
Holiday Party 2011 Dock
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Village:
The Village this year looks very peaceful, there’s usually a free item in this room but I guess it got moved this year. I was hoping to see the antlers or Santa hat in this room again, but oh well.
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Village
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Mountain:
The Mountain is another preserved room from the previous parties. Good news is, you can get a better look at that cool sky that we saw earlier.
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Mountain
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Dojo Entrace/Exit:
The Dojo Entrance/Exit is lit up this year! Well, it has been every year since it’s release but this year it just looks extra spectacular. I really love the Christmas Tree of Lights and the Puffles with the Santa hats. If you look closely near the Ninja Hideout near the element symbols, you can see something that looks like the Club Penguin Card Jitsu Snow Symbol. Could this be another hint that Club Penguin is giving us?
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Dojo Exit
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Beacon:
Just wanted to point out the coins that are basically bursting out of the staircase. Looks like the Lighthouse will be the Epicenter for the Coins for Change 2011 just like last year where we filled it up with coins. I have a special Coins For Change 2011 surprise this year that I can’t wait to release, so be sure to be on the lookout for that as well.
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Beacon
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Ski Lodge
The Ski Lodge looks a tad bit different this year, dare I say…Christmasier? Pretty sure I just made that word up, but it describes this room perfectly.
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Ski Lodge
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Night Club:
The Night Club has been rearranged a little for this year. A couple of tweaks that really bring out all of the colors and cheerfulness. If you look at the sign up under the sign that says Work Shop, you can see it says Bakery. Maybe this is that “Secret room” that we couldn’t figure out earlier….
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Night Club
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Bakery:
The Bakery seems like a brand new room only for this party. It features a big machine that appears to make cookies. In one corner you can get your bakery apron if you would like to work inside or even go over to the other corner to get the Ginger Bread House Igloo that we mentioned in an earlier post. Nevermind the iceberg being my favorite room thing, this is my new favorite room. I wonder if they have pie….
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Bakery
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Workshop:
This is where you’ll go if you click that other sign that we mentioned earlier, the workshop is where all the little elves make toys for Santa, then Santa goes and delivers all of the toys to every penguin in Club Penguin in one night. Also, you can access the Bakery from this room as well. Santa deserves a snack after all that delivering!
Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Workshop
A few other rooms that weren’t mentioned were The Pizza Parlor, Rockhopper’s Ship, The Sleigh Ride, and the Book room. All of these rooms will be decorated for the Holidays as well. Be sure to bookmark our site, we will be releasing ALL of the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Cheats as soon as they are released. This post was huge because I just love the Holidays and everything about it, so this deserved to be one of the largest post on our site!
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment on this post. I will reply to it as soon as possible. If you find anything else that you would like to send it, please leave that in the comments as well.
Thanks for reading!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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