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ClubPenguinSky 50K Hits Celebration Giveaway

I may start the giveaway soon so better keep checking this post or my Twitter for information.


Hello friends! As you can see ClubPenguinSky blog has been re-design with new sidebar and some new gadgets. This remodeling of the blog is to celebrate our 50K hits. (Huge thanks to: Prador; @PradorCp, for that), I know its too late as we are closer to 100K hit but the giveaway of 50K hits is still due and the most active penguin award from our 50K hits party is also due so here is it:

Most Active Penguin Of 50K Hits Party Is:  Superiorz

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Date: 4 JULY 2012

Membership Code #1: 1146-0931-9160-0897
Won by: 

Membership Code #2: 1146-3059-7471-1398
Won by: 

Membership Code #3: 1158-1668-2007-8597
Won by: 

Membership Code #4: 1151-1700-6083-9434
Won by: 

Membership Code #5: 1146-8860-3314-1040
 Won by: @Minkubhasin5 

Card Jitsu Code #1: TCJ3-YT9Z-FKMF-78RM

Card Jitsu Code #2: TCJW-H62Y-VFKG-BPMF

Codes donated by @Rocky10112CP 

Best of luck everyone! We will be doing one more giveaways again once we reached 100K hits

50K hits party review:


7-day Membership Giveaway! **NOW**

You may all know that a membership generator has been found! We will be posting about that shortly. In the mean time the Club Penguin Sky Team has prepared you a 7-Day Membership giveaway today! Below is the details you need to know!

Date: Today!
Time Who Won?!!!
Type: Membership

The code will be given away below.

Code: 1133629927868566
Tell us who won? 

Remember to show proof if you win! Tell us how you like this sudden giveaway!

Club Penguin Sky: New Author!

Hello penguin's! Yes, the title explain it all, I'm a friendly penguin called, Prador! :)
I'll be posting all the latest cheats, guides, hints and exclusives! Who knows, I might do some giveaways on here!
Speaking of giveaway's, I'm having one, right now! How awesome?!
Here are all the details:
Congratulations: @Penguin515Cp

 Club Penguin Sky, Giveaway!
  • Date: 30th June 2012
  • Time: 7pm (B.S.T) NOW!!!
Membership Code: 1166186575783175
 Wondering what my penguin looks like? Here I'am:
I hope to have a brilliant time, on this phenomenal site! Goodbye.
~Prador - Author

Club Penguin New Community Poll

Hello penguins!
Club Penguin has update the Penguin Poll on the Community Blog! The question is:
"If you could decide what secrets get revealed in the newspaper, what would you chose?"
Mini game tips
Special dances
Hidden catalog items
Secrets around the island

What do you think of the new Community Blog Poll? please comment below.

Club Penguin New Fun Activities Crispy Strip

Hello penguins!

Club Penguin released the new food from Fun Activity! The new Fun Activity is called Crispy Strip and the food look very delicious! Superheroes and Villians are very hungry, the penguins needed to take break hehe... This is the picture of the delicious food Crispy Strip:

Yummy! Do you like the new Fun Activity and do you tried? Let us know in a comment.

Club Penguin Band to be at Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012 Exclusive

As tweeted by Club Penguin Support earlier this morning, Club Penguin confirmed the Penguin Band will indeed be at the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012, which is also known as the Music Jam in previous years. This party will also get visits from Cadence, the island’s DJ, and Rocky and CeCe, who are characters from the Disney television show Shake It Up.

Which mascot are you looking forward to meeting the most?

Club Penguin New Short Exclusive Sneak Peek And Arctic White Penguin Spotted!

Today, I was checking my subscriptions videos on Youtube and i notice Disney has uploaded a new video to thier channel! Like always i watched the video and at 1:32, i saw an Arctic White penguin dancing in the video! Have a look at the image from the video:

Here is the Arctic White penguin footage from Disney's video:

Is this another Club Penguin Short? Will this video will be releasing during Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam? Is this Arctic white penguin or Grey penguin? what do you think? comment below!

Club Penguin Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012 Sneak Peek Images

Happy77 has given us a nice and revealing sneak peek of next month’s party! It’s the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, also known as the Music Jam. It starts on July 19th.

Happy77 revealed (although many of us know already) that Rocky and CeCe from Shake It Up will be on the island during this party in addition to Cadence.

Here is a sneak peek sketch of the Town:

Happy77 also said in the post, there are also more surprises in July! I'm excited to see the new designed rooms for this year Music Jam! What about you? comment below.

New Club Penguin Magazine Issue In Stores Now!

Club Penguin’s sixth magazine issue is now out in the United Kingdom! This issue comes with codes for 3,000 coins, a Saxophone for your penguin, and also a code to unlock an item of your choice from the treasure book.

This issue contains the following, as provided to us by Bloxxerman:
Flipperazzi: Rookie
Puffle of the Month: Yellow Puffle
Fashion 4 U: Pop Starlet
Invitation: Make Your Mark Ultimate Jam (begins July 19th and has pictures of Rocky and CeCe inside the article)
Penguin Comic: The Lost Demo
Cadence’s Catwalk: Beach Ball
Penguin Profile: The Penguin Band
Penguin Challenge: Snow Trouble
Penguin Quiz: Suss Your Music Style
Penguin Comic: Race to the Topping!
Cool Cribs: Airplanes
Console Competition
Penguin Mission: Concert Crashers
Penguin Postcards
Penguin Challenge: Puffle Scavenger Hunt
Ask Aunt Arctic
V.I.P: Gerrard682

The next issue will come with the following gifts and content:
It’s an igloo special
1,500 coins
5 free gifts
Comes with a Ninja Frisbee
7 day membership as usual
Roman Toga and Laurel Leaf Crown for your penguin
1 Treasure Book item code
Igloo Wars comic
Pizza delivery puzzles
Meet Rory
Funky furniture
Your outfits, pictures & letters

If you have images from the uk magazine, comment below or contact me on

Cadence Confirmed To Be Visiting Ultimate Jam 2012, Will Have New Background

Due to a bug in Club Penguin’s system, when you try to get Cadence’s background via your buddy list it asks if you want to purchase an undefined item. This proves that Cadence will be at the 2012 Music Jam this year, which is now being called Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012.

There will be a body item at this party that does a special dance.

Club Penguin 3,000 Coins Codes

Along with the Club Penguin magazine launched today, it comes with three codes that let you unlock 1,000 coins each instead of the usual 500 each. This means you can unlock 3,000 coins instead of 1,500!

The codes are:

I'd like to thanks to @1James10Cp for the codes

Club Penguin EPF Field Op #88

Club Penguin Field Ops 88 was released today. If you want to complete this field ops, follow this step!

Waddle to the Elite Penguin Force headquarters for your mission briefing.

Waddle over to the Dock and stand at the place where my penguin is standing.

Complete it by directing your control to the power areas without being electrocuted by the red electrodes.

You will then receive a message from Gary.

Is this guide helpful? comment below!


Club Penguin Gary EPF Message

There is an all new EPF Message from Gary! Take a look at what he said:

Agents, we must not give up! Desperate times call for desperate measures. Report to the Command Room–we have a plan.
What do you think will be the end result?

Club Penguin Fireworks Display For Fourth Of July

Club Penguin has set off its Fireworks Display, in accordance with the upcoming July 4th celebrations in America!

The fireworks can be seen at the Iceberg:

They can also be seen on the Ski Hill.

With that, I’d like to wish everyone a great 4th of July!


Club Penguin: New Pin At Dojo

Club Penguin has released the new pin.The pin name's Supervillian Pin and You can find the new pin at Dojo. Easier to find the pin follow this steps.
1. Log in into Club Penguin
2. Pick some server
3. Walk into Dojo
4. Get the pin

If you want to pick the pin click YES, if you don't click NO

Do you like the new pin and do you pick? please comment below.

Club Penguin Time Newspaper #349 Issue

Today Club Penguin has released the new weekly Time issue. In this newspaper is talking about the Superheroes and Villians who will win at the Competition.In the first page you can read about the Superheroes news, and the second page you can read about the Villians news.
Here are pictures about the Superheroes news:

Here are pictures about the Villians news:

Who do you think because will win at the competition? I think because will win Superheroes, the Superheroes have good plan. please comment below.

Club Penguin Contest In Spain & Portugal

Today club penguin released a new competition only for people of Spain and Portugal

The competition reads as follows:

You too I just love the Puffles, the adorable pet penguins of Club Penguin? These little fur balls of different colors, each with a personality, are fun and the best playmates! But what do you think would make it even better? Tell us what you change about the Puffles to make them even more brilliant and entered in the draw for free access and plush Puffle Club Penguin Jumbo. We have 20 great prizes!
Specific conditions of this contest:

Start date: June 15
End date: July 1
Valid for residents of: Spain
Awards: The best answer will get a free 1 year Club Penguin Puffle Plush and Jumbo. The following 4 winners will each receive a free 6 month Club Penguin Puffle Plush and Jumbo. And the next 15 winners will each receive, 1 1 months free access to Club Penguin Puffle Plush and Jumbo.
Number of winners: 20
Selection criteria: Disney will choose the top 20 among all responses received on the dates indicated.

Will you be entering this contest? Comment below!

CeCe Confirms Her And Rocky Visit On Club Penguin For Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012!

A few days ago, I posted about the new mascots Cece and Rocky visiting club penguin for music jam but some peoples were thinking it was just a rumor and its fake well the truth is, its not fake!

Bella Thorne (CeCe), from the Shake It Up show, has tweeted from her personal Twitter account that her and Rocky will be appearing on the island of Club Penguin soon. Her tweet reads this:

This is the only Music Jam where instead of being called the Music Jam, its Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam!  Are you excited to meet Rocky and CeCe?  comment below!

Club Penguin: New Poll on Community Blog

The Club Penguin Team has recently the Penguin Poll on the Community Blog! The Penguin Poll asking us:
"What's your favorite kind of Club Penguin video?"
Music Videos
Sneak Peeks
Video Blogs
Animated shorts

Here is the picture:

What do you think of the new Community Blog Poll? comment below.

New EPF Message By Jet Pack Guy

Here is the latest EPF message by Jet Pack Guy which was released yesterday. Take a look:

'Great work everyone - keep it up! These Super Villains are no match for the Elite Penguin Force!'

Woot! The superheroes are doing a really good job against the villains :)

Club Penguin: Newspaper Issue #348

Club Penguin has released the 348th issue of the Club Penguin Times. Today newspaper talks about the Superhero party how been released at the island!

What do you think for the new newspaper? comment below.

Field Ops #87

Club Penguin has released the latest field ops - a day late.

To start, go to the EPF Command Room and click the Field Ops screen on your top right. Here are your orders :

'We've detected a swarm of Doom Drones heading Downtown! The police don't stand a chance! 
All agents - report to the Snow Forts. Get a lock on those Doom Drones, and take them down!'

Next, go to the Snow Forts, and stand on the brown car

Click your spy phone - this is the mission

'Destroy the targets! Enter the x y coordinates to fire the defense cannons. Aim for the red targets. Stay focused - you must destroy twenty targets in time.'

( video coming soon )

This mission has been played many times, do you agree with me? Comment below!

Club Penguin Blog - Featured Fashions : June 20

Club Penguin has posted their latest favorite fashions a few hours ago.


Happy77 here. We know many of you are busy saving the island, or causing mayhem as a villain during the Marvel Super Hero Takeover! Hopefully you have time to check out some of the amazing fashions these penguins have been wearing:

Squidy2008 is showing their epic style with this gold viking helmet and crystal staff:


Tess244 is ready to protect the island in this outfit:


Flameon524 looks like the ultimate villain:

Does your friend have a sweet style? Let us know their penguin name and why you think they should be featured in the comments below! 

Waddle On! :)

These fashions are really awesome! Maybe you could recommend your friends to combine items and get a place in the competition :)

Club Penguin: Dutch Log in screen

     Club Penguin Sky is first to post this

Club Penguin has released a new login screen for Dutch Club Penguin. The changes in this Dutch login screen is, Club Penguin added Venom and lizard in this! have a look:

Here is the English and other languages Club Penguin login screen.

What do you think for Deustch screen? please comment.
- David 2228

Club Penguin: Two Offers Chat Modes

                                                             Club Penguin Sky is first to post this

Club Penguin have recently the new two offers chat modes: Ultimate Safe Chat and Standart Safe Chat.
Here is the picture of the two offers chat modes check out:

Do you like the new two offers chat modes? please comment.
                                                                  - David 2228

Club Penguin Unreleased Face Item June 2012 Exclusive!

A new unreleased  face item has been found on Club Penguin’s website. Nothing is known about this item yet but its look like this item will be releasing during this Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party 2012.


We want to thanks to Gpumpkin for giving us the image! What do you think it is for? Will Club Penguin be releasing a new item later into the Marvel Superhero Takeover party? Will it be for members or nonmembers? What is the name of it? Comment below your answers!

Shake It Up Coming To The Club Penguin 2012 Music Jam Exclusive!

“Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam” – The title of an up coming club penguin promotion for this years music jam. We’ve found an amazing exclusive on a British news website that talks about an all new music jam mix up with club penguin this year, read for yourselves below.

In case you can’t read the content above, this is what it says:

Also this summer, Club Penguin players will have the chance to make their mark and shake it up when Club Penguin’s annual Music Jam is transformed into the “Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam.” Beginning July 19 through August 1, players in the Internet’s #1 virtual world will be invited to chat and dance with customized Rocky and CeCe penguins, and even unlock exclusive dance moves, just like the characters from “Shake It Up.”

Club Penguin has updated their mascots file by adding two new mascots! They are called Rocky and CeCe (both the members from Shake It Up).

Here is the image of Rocky and CeCe from the the show 'Shake It Up'

This is definitely something to look forward to, and as more details arise we will let you know.

Club Penguin YouTube Video: New Igloo Experience Sneak Peek

There is a new video on Club Penguin’s YouTube Channel. It is a 44 second sneak peek by Happy77 showing off some (or all?) the new igloo features that will be released in the near future. You can watch the video below.

Here is everything I noticed:

  • Redesigned inventory system
  • Igloo backgrounds
  • Save igloo flooring
  • Multiple igloos
  • No igloo
  • Igloo liking feature
  • Catalogue/icon redesigns

New Club Penguin Fun Activity

A brand new fun activity is on Club Penguin’s community section to be tried out! Here it is. It’s in honour of the Marvel Superhero Takeover.

If you try it out with some friends, leave a comment and let us know how it works out for you!

New Club Penguin Community Poll

On the community page section of Club Penguin’s website there is an all new poll for penguins to answer. If you could change the music on a room, which would you choose?

Pizza Shop
Coffee Shop
Night Club

Which will you vote for? Comment below!


Club Penguin Blog: New Igloo Experience Coming Soon

A new blog post has been made by Billybob on the Club Penguin Blog! This time around he let us know that there are some awesome igloo updates coming soon, and this is just one of many big things they’ve got planned on Club Penguin over the next few months.

Sometime soon, probably in the middle of July next month, a new igloo experience will be released to make it easier to decorate your igloo. You will be able to save multiple igloo designs! That’s all the information we were given. Billybob will tell us some more soon. In the meantime, here is a picture of Happy77 and Billybob in Happy77′s igloo, where she is holding some blueprints.


Club Penguin Blog: Marvel Super Hero Takeover Begins

When I was checking out the Community blog today, I noticed that Billybob has made a new post about the Marvel Superhero Takeover party. As you all know, the Marvel Superhero Takeover party is here, and it’s for everyone not just members! Billybob has taken some screen shots of the party! Have a look at them:

blog_120615a.jpgblog_120615b.jpgblog_120615c.jpgWhat do you think of the Marvel Superhero Takeover party? Let us know in a comment below.