Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

7-day Membership Giveaway! **NOW**

You may all know that a membership generator has been found! We will be posting about that shortly. In the mean time the Club Penguin Sky Team has prepared you a 7-Day Membership giveaway today! Below is the details you need to know!

Date: Today!
Time Who Won?!!!
Type: Membership

The code will be given away below.

Code: 1133629927868566
Tell us who won? 

Remember to show proof if you win! Tell us how you like this sudden giveaway!


  1. Hi Team...i have been trying to get a membership for years and never got one...please send me one on my email if you can...
    I h ope you send me one...thanks...

  2. i have a doubt whether these codes will be everyday because this code has already been redeemed