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Shake It Up Coming To The Club Penguin 2012 Music Jam Exclusive!

“Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam” – The title of an up coming club penguin promotion for this years music jam. We’ve found an amazing exclusive on a British news website that talks about an all new music jam mix up with club penguin this year, read for yourselves below.

In case you can’t read the content above, this is what it says:

Also this summer, Club Penguin players will have the chance to make their mark and shake it up when Club Penguin’s annual Music Jam is transformed into the “Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam.” Beginning July 19 through August 1, players in the Internet’s #1 virtual world will be invited to chat and dance with customized Rocky and CeCe penguins, and even unlock exclusive dance moves, just like the characters from “Shake It Up.”

Club Penguin has updated their mascots file by adding two new mascots! They are called Rocky and CeCe (both the members from Shake It Up).

Here is the image of Rocky and CeCe from the the show 'Shake It Up'

This is definitely something to look forward to, and as more details arise we will let you know.

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