Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

New Club Penguin Magazine Issue In Stores Now!

Club Penguin’s sixth magazine issue is now out in the United Kingdom! This issue comes with codes for 3,000 coins, a Saxophone for your penguin, and also a code to unlock an item of your choice from the treasure book.

This issue contains the following, as provided to us by Bloxxerman:
Flipperazzi: Rookie
Puffle of the Month: Yellow Puffle
Fashion 4 U: Pop Starlet
Invitation: Make Your Mark Ultimate Jam (begins July 19th and has pictures of Rocky and CeCe inside the article)
Penguin Comic: The Lost Demo
Cadence’s Catwalk: Beach Ball
Penguin Profile: The Penguin Band
Penguin Challenge: Snow Trouble
Penguin Quiz: Suss Your Music Style
Penguin Comic: Race to the Topping!
Cool Cribs: Airplanes
Console Competition
Penguin Mission: Concert Crashers
Penguin Postcards
Penguin Challenge: Puffle Scavenger Hunt
Ask Aunt Arctic
V.I.P: Gerrard682

The next issue will come with the following gifts and content:
It’s an igloo special
1,500 coins
5 free gifts
Comes with a Ninja Frisbee
7 day membership as usual
Roman Toga and Laurel Leaf Crown for your penguin
1 Treasure Book item code
Igloo Wars comic
Pizza delivery puzzles
Meet Rory
Funky furniture
Your outfits, pictures & letters

If you have images from the uk magazine, comment below or contact me on

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