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This year was all up and down for Club Penguin. Majority of Club Penguin players disliked the parties, content, plot lines and many more things. This year I did what I never thought of. I quit playing Club Penguin in March and it was until this month I came back just because of Club Penguin app becoming available on Android and my Dad was generous enough to activate membership on my penguin. Reasons for me to quit was DJ Stores hacking @ClubPenguinSky account and deleting so many tweets and the dramas revolving around it and I was left with no internet connection by my parents and I wasn't able to play Club Penguin and also 2014 marked the year where I get into the last days of schools and had to prepare for the one-last-big exams which are due to the last week of the March of 2015 so I won't be active much though I will be tweeting some jokes on @ClubPenguinSky twitter account and will be waddling around the island for collecting the items but on't expect a reply from me on my @Azeemsky account because I've not made an all come back. Wish me luck for my exams and I wish you a happy new year. :-)

-Azeemsky. (Founder and Main Owner of ClubPenguinSky)

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