Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

ClubPenguinSky Is Still ALIVE!

Hello friends, it's Azeemsky here! You guys maybe wondering why there is a post on Club Penguin Sky. I have made this post to let you guys know that we're still active on Twitter. Our Twitter account, @ClubPenguinSky is active and it is now a Club Penguin funny account. We're tweeting Club Penguin jokes, memes on it and this not just the end. ClubPenguinSky has got another new owner and this time, that owner is here to stay and he is none other then the loyal blogger, DJ Stores. (Know for CPFactz cheats). DJ has created a live Club Penguin TV channel and it is called ClubPenguinSky TV. Yes, very own Club Penguin community's TV channel. It's absolutely free of charges. You can submit your Club Penguin videos and it's a golden chance to show your talent to the community and get the views your video deserves :-D but sadly, the TV will not be on this site as blogger doesn't allows the functions which is required. So we have made a weebly site where we can do what we're aiming to do. We will be uploading all the memes which we tweet on @ClubPenguinSky so if you guys have missed any, you guys can check it out later. Checkout our weebly website,

Special thanks to these awesome people for giving their wonderful time to CPSky.

SprayCheese5 - Ex-Owner.

David - Ex-Owner.

Azber123 - Ex-Owner.

Burrows14 - Author.

Nate1629_1 - Author.

Dh228 - Author.

Katy29654 - Helping in creating.

Prador - Site theme.

Aryan - Cpsky gfx designer.

Pensuby - Hacking our blog and betraying us. Unfortunately, Ex-Owner.

and rest of the people who helped me through the way (I'm forgetting many names)

Sadly, 90% of them has quit and most of them are no longer in contact.

Wish us love, wish us luck. It's now time to say Goodbye.

PS, This blog has reached over 200K hits even after being inactive from over a year. Thank you to all.

-Azeemsky. (Founder and Main Owner of ClubPenguinSky)

Follow our twitter accounts: @ClubPenguinSky @CpskyTV
Follow my personal account: @Azeemsky

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