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5 Reasons Merry Walrus Failed

After all the up and downs this year, Club Penguin surely wanted to end this year on a high. They made Club Penguin app available to download on Android devices. Made a Club Penguin special for the T.V and an unnecessary renovated Holiday party. The new traditon full party was hugely disliked by Club Penguin players. ClubPenguinSky has point out 5 reasons where merry walrus failed to deliver what players were expecting from a huge party.

1. Plot Line

Plot lines are important part of Club Penguin as they create an excite inside us but sadly these days Club Penguin are struggling in making good plot lines. Now a days Club Penguin is creating childish plot lines which are rushed, making everything pointless. I know Club Penguin is targeted towards child audience but they shouldn't forget there is grown up audience too who cares about the plot lines. Merry Walrus plot line was completely a no brainer. A Walrus came flying to Club Penguin, took over the Rockhopper organized coins for change event and changed our beloved holiday party into his traditional event without anyone knowing why? Not much of his presence was known in Club Penguin until now. If Merry Walrus is a Santa type Walrus At least Club Penguin should had hinted us with a myth in recent months. Everything happened so fast but Club Penguin said in there We Wish You A Merry Walrus Special behind the scenes video, Club Penguin took almost a year to make the Club Penguin special "We Wish You A Merry Walrus." It means they had planned this change soon after the Holiday party 2013 so it means they had plenty of time to plot the story line, they had a big window opened to gave us hints through out the 2014 year as they use to do in old days of Club Penguin. Instead of this rushed plot line they could had gave us a good plot line by linking Merry Walrus with the previous month Pirate Party. Instead of the rushing crab takeover plot line and using the previously used idea of Migrator sinking, Club Penguin could had used the event to set up the Merry Walrus party. Rockhopper could had take us to another quest like he did back in February 2012. We could had explored Merry Walrus island and his castle. Penguins met Merry Walrus there and then Merry Walrus decided to come to Club Penguin. It could had been a superb plot line. People this days loves plot lines which are linked with another plot line (Example Marvel Cinematic Universe movies).Club Penguin missed a good opportunity.

2. Character and Title

"It's my name and it's my catchphrase" NO. This is where the creativity gets sink like migrator. Naming the mascot and the party of same name isn't a good idea. Club Penguin could had named Merry Walrus (Talking about mascot) Mr.Walrus or something else. It's confusing and sounds childish to me. And also instead of making a Walrus Santa for us, they could had created an old age penguin a Santa for us who is same age as Sensei and linking them together could had opened doors for another Card Jitsu. Perhaps Club Penguin created Walrus a mascot because Walrus rhymes with Christmas? (Not really). Merry Walrus came to the island and volunteers to deliver all of the coins penguins donate around the world with his sleigh but who was doing this work before the Merry Walrus? Can the penguins trust a walrus? Rockhopper played a crucial role in We Wish You A Merry Walrus so Club Penguin could had made Rockhopper organize the Coins For Change and let Merry Walrus do his traditional party.

3. Decorations

This year Club Penguin parties saw less decorations due to the extra work of mobile devices but Club Penguin should understand Christmas party is a huge party and it is being celebrated every year since Club Penguin was created. Club Penguin just could had pulled off some few decorations to the un decorated rooms instead of not decorating them at all. Christmas is also special because it's the time of the year when sky has night. Club Penguin could just had changed it to night which would had added more Christmas feeling to the penguins. The music was good but with all other flavors missing, they weren't enjoyable.

4. Items

New traditions they said and the new tradition were the tasks we were doing since Disney bought Club Penguin.

Gifts for everyone they said and we got very few items compare to any Holiday party. When we had Holiday parties, we use to get over 30 free items. The 12 days countdown used to have 2 free items per day. 1 for member and 1 for everyone and then Rockhopper would had brought us loads of free items which would had good looks. And we were left with another puffle and to obtain it was another let down. No challenging quests and we were forced to believe the latest puffle is the magical puffle of any puffle breed.

5. Coins For Change

This year Coins for Change was like K in the word Knock. It's there but pointless. Club Penguin were so lost in promoting there We Wish You A Merry Walrus special they forget that Coins for Change is an important part of Club Penguin. Every year Club Penguin would had heavily promoted Coins for Change more than the Holiday Party but this year it felt like Club Penguin just threw the Coins for Change into Merry Walrus just because it's a very huge event to get scrapped. The donation process was just simple and boring compare to other years where we had so many options to choose for which cause we are donating for and to encourage penguins for more donations, Club Penguin would had set up railway where members and non-members came together for a good cause and seeing lighthouse getting full was a great feeling. It was satisfying to see our donated coins are in safe place. Every year Rockhopper would had waddle around promoting Coins for Change and the Club Penguin Times would had played an important role making awareness among penguins with there articles. This year Merry Walrus was selfish enough to heavily promote his traditions. There wasn't any fun donating coins at all. The only good thing was all our catalog purchases going for Coins for Change but that wasn't fun.

Club Penguin seems to bring Merry Walrus back next year but can they fix the errors of annual Merry Walrus? Yes of course! They can but they just needs to understand the errors and have to work on them. Penguins are ready to welcome the new content but they get mad when things doesn't go the right way. Hope the Merry Walrus (the party) will be loved as much as Holiday parties have been back. What are your thoughts? Let them be in the comments.

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