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Club Penguin Times Issue 347 – Super Heroes Assemble!

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue 347 was released on Club Penguin today.

The first article features that Superheroes are needed to save the island from the evil Super villains and the robot which is Protobot.

The next article talks about the Club Penguin police department who is keeping the streets safe!

These are the upcoming events on Club Penguin! Look out for Squidzoid returning to the theater at the end of June!

When you flip the page, it turns into Villain news side! On the side, Protobot writes about how to be evil and what your orders are!

And there is also an article written by Protobot about how Robbers have stolen lots of coins!

Awesome! I love how CP made it two sided for each of the types of penguins! Which side fits you more? Let us know!
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