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Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover Complete Guide!

The most waited Marvel Superhero Takeover Party is finally here! The island has been transformed into a modern day city, and is being attacked by evil villains! So it’s your job to either join them, or stop them by becoming a hero! I have made a long guide to provide you with all Club Penguin Super Hero Party 2012 cheats.

When you login to Club Penguin , A message will appear on your screen! It will ask you to choose your side! you can choose to be a hero, a villain, or a citizen!

Note: Hero and Villain are for Member’s only, but you can still act heroic or villainous!

Once you pick a side, the first thing you should do is head over to the Gift Shop to pick up your costumes! There is a free Orange Mining Helmet available here too:

Non-Members can choose from civilian costumes like police or robbers:

While members can pick up their favorite Marvel Hero/Villain costumes!

Once you are suited up in your costumes, let’s talk about other free items that you can pick up! At the Bank (Pizza Parlor), you can pick up your Money Sack by going into the safe!

Another free item you can get are two different backgrounds! You can get the Police Lineup Backgroundby going to the Police Station (stage)

And you can get the Press Conference Background by going to the Coffee Shop!


The next thing at the party is for members! If you go to the Snow Forts, there is a building that is burning! When you go into the door…

You will come out ontop of the building! Every 20 Minutes, you will be able to battle, or help, the Destructobot! If you need to wait before you battle, a little countdown will be on the screen:

While you are waiting, make sure you know what to do!

Heroes: Throw Snowballs at the Targets!

Villains: Throw Snowballs into Destructobot’s Power Source!

When Destructobot comes to be fought, he will appear and start attacking! Use your snowballs to fight or help and eventually you will win!

Sadly you do not get anything from beating the Destructobot, but it’s cool to battle with friends!

Video Guide:


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