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Club Penguin Field Ops #85 Walkthrough

Today Club Penguin released their latest field ops mission for all EPF agents to complete. Each week a new mission is created so penguins can help the island. To begin this week’s mission, you will need to head to the EPF Command Room and talk with Gary.

After clicking “Accept Field-Op,” head to the Villain HQ. Once you have arrived, make sure you stand in this exact location. Once you are, your spy phone should light up in green.

Now, you will have to beat this week’s mission. In order to do so, you will need to match the image with the image that begins to come down from the top of the screen. This game can be quite difficult if you do not have fast reflexes. After beating this game, you have now earned your medal.

What did you think of this mission? This one was a little bit more difficult than usual! Comment and explain your thoughts and opinions!


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