Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

Club Penguin Superhero Pin Location

Club Penguin has hidden the newest pin on this island related to Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party 2012 — the Super Hero Pin!

Use these Club Penguin Cheats to get the Super Hero Pin Cheat:

Pull up your map in Club Penguin and click on the “Mine Shack”.
Waddle over to the big tree.
Click the Super Hero Pin above you and you’ll find the new pin!

What do you think of the new pin? Definitely a perfect theme for the  Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party 2012!

Are you ready to meet Aunt Arctic? She should have a new background for this party and you’ll be able to add Aunt Arctic to your friend’s list! Make sure you find Aunt Arctic during the Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party with our Aunt Arctic Tracker!

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