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Club Penguin : Bean Counters Guide

Bean counters is a Club Penguin Mini-Game that can be found in the coffee shop. In this game penguins use their flippers to catch Java (Coffee Bean) Bags for the coffee shop. As you continue playing, harmful things will be thrown out of the truck. You have 3 lives to complete this game. To maximize your outcome of this Mini-Game, follow this guide.

To move your penguin simply move your mouse. Your goal is to catch the Java bags so try and move your mouse to position the penguin under the bag.

Once you have your penguin holding a few bags, move your penguin to the far left over to the platform and click to drop of the bags.

Warning! If you try and carry more than 5 bags, the weight of the java bags will be too much for your penguin and you will fall over! When you have 5 bags make sure to go over to the platform to drop them off!

Watch out! Unexpected things such as an anvil may fly out of the truck! Avoid these to avoid loosing a life. When you loose all your lives, your game is over.

While playing try and grab as many bean bags as you can in the fastest time possible! The faster you complete the levels the faster you get coins! When you see a golden star around a blue penguin do not avoid it, it is an extra life! These extra lives can help you last longer which helps you receive more coins.

Keep in mind that all anvils will land closest to the truck.

All fish will land closest to the platform.

All flowerpots will land in the middle.

By knowing all of this you will be able to complete all 5 levels in a breeze! If you do you will receive a 60 coin bonus for being a perfect employee!

We hope this guide helps you do your best in bean counters! With all this information you can enjoy Bean Counters and get great profits while having fun!

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