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Club Penguin: DJ3K Game Guide

DJ3K Is a DJ mixing game where you can mix your own music in club penguin. This game is located in the night club. Members can even play the music they recorded in their igloo! Below is a quick guide that can help you maximize your profit in DJ3K!

First of all, choose your favorite music disc. You can buy more music disks in the night club by clicking the purple sheet in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Once you have bought and chosen your favorite music track “Click” that disk after loading the game. You will now be able to mix with your favorite music! Try different buttons on the left. Try and make your penguin happy.

If you leave your penguin like this for more than 5 minutes you will receive more than 250 coins! This game is nice way to get coins without much work! Set your music and wait 5 minutes and there you go, coins!

To record your mix, simply click the big red circle at the top. Next, proceed to mixing your track then click stop.

After you save your mix, DJ3K allows you to send it to your igloo music. This is a brand new feature in which it allows you to view the Club Penguin igloo music, your saved mixes, preview music, and more!

Hope you enjoy this quick and easy way to get coins using DJ3K! Keep Mixing!

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