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Club Penguin Aqua Grabber Cheats

Aqua grabber is a Club Penguin game that has been made into an adventure. In this game your objective is to collect the treasures and make as many coins as you possibly can. The treasures you collect vary in value for coins. Some of the treasures have a value of 25 coins while others have values up to 1000 coins. In this game there are 2 different adventures you can go on.
Clam Waters
Soda Seas

In aqua grabber you can also play the game with your pink puffle. The pink puffle will help you during the game by blowing bubbles so that you don’t run out of air.

First waddle over to the iceberg (hidden on your map) and walk over to the aqua grabber sub.

To play this game you have to use the arrow keys on your keyboard. With the keys you can navigate your sub around the ocean floor and find the treasures.

While your playing aqua grabber you may be running out of air and if you are then you need to find an air bubble or come to one of the surfaces to fill up your air tank. Your sub will start filling up with water and when it gets full your sub will explode. So make sure you get fresh air before your sub fills up completely in water.

Clam Waters

The first adventure we will talk about is Clam Waters and the secrets to get all the coins. There are 5 clams in this first level that give pearls that will give you coins if you collect them. There are 2 types of pearls in aqua grabber.

White Pearls

Black Pearls

There are 4 white pearls and there is one black pearl that can be found on this level. The white pearls are worth 25 coins and the black pearls are worth 50 coins. To get these pearls you have to wait for the clam to fall asleep then they will open there mouths. Once their mouths are open grab the pearl and take it to the net at the surface.

Towards the bottom of the ocean on this level there is this canal that leads you to the grand pearl. Once you get to the bottom of the canal move to the right and pick up the pearl shaped rock.

Slowly make your way over to the far left where the giant clam is. Make sure to avoid the fish that will make you drop the rock if you hit it. Once you get over to the giant clam drop the rock into its mouth. After you do this you can grab the grand pearl. The grand pearl is worth 300 coins.

Once you have gotten the grand pearl make your way back up the canal but you will notice there is a mullet in your way.

All you have to do to avoid him is to wait till he passes and then you can pass through and go to the net. Once you put the grand pearl in the net the game will end and you will be asked if you want to move on to the next adventure Soda Seas!

Soda Seas

The second adventure is called Soda Seas! Unfortunately this adventure is only for members only. In this adventure you have to collect the cream soda barrels because they are polluting the water and making the sea anemones sick. There are 5 cream soda barrels which are worth 50 coins each.

If you collect all the soda barrels you will get 250 coins all together. You will notice that some of the barrels are blocked off by hanging limbs on the walls. You have to collect the barrels in a specific order. The first one you want to pickup is the one closest to the surface. After you have collected that one you need to go towards the bottom of the ocean floor. After you have gotten that and put it in the net go and grab the next one located right of the net towards the top of the ocean. After you have gotten that third one you need to go and grab the the barrel towards the bottom right hand corner of the map area. The final barrel is located over on the left hand side of the ocean.

Once you have taken the last barrel to the surface it’s time to catch the mullet to get the emerald for 500 coins. To catch the mullet which guards the emerald you need to catch the fish to catch the mullet. To catch the fish go to the place where the final barrel was at. From there jump out of the water and hit the left hand corner of cave opening.

Once you hit that area a worm will fall from the crevice. Pickup the worm with your claw and start moving back to where the yellow fish was at. Make sure that you don’t hit any surface or you will lose the worm and you will have to go get it again. To catch the fish you have to lure the worm into the fish’s mouth by lowering your claw so that the fish swims into the worm.

Once you have caught the fish you have to start making your way to the place where the fourth barrel was found. Be careful because the fish will try to fight where you are going so it can be free. It will tug and pull trying to get free. Just make sure you are careful where you are going so you don’t hit any walls. If you hit any walls you will lose the fish and you will have to start this catching process all over again.

Once you get to where the fourth barrel was at keep going and you will see an opening with the mullet guarding. All you have to do is position the fish into the mullets mouth and you will have caught the mullet. For 1000 coins you can take the mullet back to the net and put it in the net and you will receive an extra 1000 coins. If you do not want the extra 1000 coins and just want to get the emerald just bang into a wall and the mullet will run away and the passage will be clear for you to go get the emerald.

Go ahead and go through the small passage and go down instead of up. When you go down you will see Klutzy taking all the treasure into his little hiding spot.

You can pick up the gold pieces for 10 coins each. There is not that many coins though. Don’t be fooled by the big stack of coins you will make more coins if you wait for the emerald to come out. If you take even 1 coin then Klutzy will not bring back the emerald for you so leave all the gold for Klutzy if you want the big reward, the emerald. The emerald is worth 500 coins and they will be added strait to your total. You don’t have to take the emerald back to the surface so just collect it and get out of there.

Go ahead and leave this cavern and start heading down towards the place where the amethyst is. To get the treasure go to the opening towards the middle of bottom floor area and start descending to the amethyst area. Along the way to the treasure you will encounter creatures that are trying to protect the amethyst so just keep on moving and make sure you have enough air. Once you pass all the creatures you will come to the amethyst area where you can pickup the amethyst. The amethyst is worth 600 coins.

With this new treasure you got to make it back to the surface without dropping it. This is a really difficult task but the coins you get is worth it all. When you make it back to the net put the final treasure in and you have finished aqua grabber.

With these tips you can make many coins in a short period of time. Keep on searching for the treasures!

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