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            10 Ways 2015 Can Be A Fun Ride For Club Penguin

            As the penguins honouring 2014 as the worst year of Club Penguin because of there disappointing parties and many other things. This year many players feel bored of Club Penguin and even some had given up this year (including me). Club Penguin really needs to fix there past errors and have to come up with something good in 2015 before the water rises over the heads. ClubPenguinSky has listed out 10 things Club Penguin needs to focus in 2015.

            1. Parties and Plot Lines

            Club Penguin this year was sacked due to it's less decorative parties and in 2013 it was sacked due to hard challenges to obtain free items instead of getting them simply. Club Penguin here seems to get confused where to improve. Players are often getting angry on takeover parties and often on new changes to the parties and wanting the old party returns. As Club Penguin has a busy year ahead as they needs to focus on there mobile platforms and many other things, Club Penguin could be fun with less decorations. All they have to do is make a good plot line. Link events with each other (not all events), instead of introducing new characters they could use old characters who has strong storyline to tell but has been forgotten (Bambadee, Scorn) or for a future party Club Penguin can tease us some hints in game or in Club Penguin specials or shorts (If they are having any) 2-3 months before the party arrives. Example if March party is a medieval party, they could tease Scorn sightings over the island and a article related to it in news paper and a month before next Merry Walrus, if Merry Walrus is seen in telescope coming to Club Penguin as Migrator is showed before Rockhopper arrives, it will create a hype, an excitement in Club Penguin players and instead of renovating island for a party (Liking adding mall instead of stage), just use a little bit of decoration in that place and also for the places which are not going to get decorated at all. But Club Penguin needs to understand Halloween and Holiday (now-a-days Merry Walrus) parties are huge parties as they have been part of Club Penguin since the year one and they are also celebrated all over the globe. They need to give more time to this both parties. And this year introduced mini parties should continue but with good plot lines.

            2. Characters

            Club Penguin has been introducing new characters lately and then forgetting about them. Merry Walrus and Sasquatch are the latest among them. With more to tell about this characters, Club Penguins has lot of stories to tell about there previous characters too which still are untold. Club Penguin has plenty of characters from good to evil but they're failing in continuing there stories. Example Bambadee, Proto bot, Tusk etc. The most beloved character is Bambadee and there is no sign of him from the ages. Club Penguin should make him meetable character and make him on run like Sasquatch. Club Penguin also have lots of party characters which are mentioned in Club Penguin when there parties are near. (Example Gariwald, Skip, Garugg the Ugg Ugg, Scorn the dragon king etc.) Club Penguin should add books about these characters in Club Penguin times office and should have there reference throughout the year which will make them stay connected with us and more Club Penguin will be expand.

            3. Elite Penguin Force

            Elite Penguin Force is a trump card of Club Penguin. EPF has always been a success for Club Penguin. Penguins proved it when Operation Blackout shattered all the records. Then in previous year, Club Penguin introduced new type of missions game play, 'in-game missions' which were very much enjoyable like PSA missions but since then they haven't returned. Club Penguin needs to do them more at least once in 2-3 months and if Club Penguin updates there gameplay into #CpNext we could do them again and again whenever we want like we could had done with PSA missions. And Club Penguin should tease us there upcoming in-game mission 1-2 months before they takes place (like strange activities occurring around Club Penguin, a spy phone message regarding this issues and news paper making awareness about some activities.) It would make us excited for future Club Penguin events. When we hear EPF, first thing come to our mind is Herbert. So does in Club Penguin's mind. This has to change this year. Club Penguin has good set of villains. Protobot, Tusk, Skip, Scorn the dragon king, etc. Club Penguin could use them too. I know Herbert is our beloved villain and he could still play larger roles but let others make EPF on run too. Club Penguin could link them together like Herbert creating a team of villians (Example Spiderman's Sinister Six) and this could be the event of the month but one problem with EPF is, they're not keeping themselves a secret identity. Club Penguin should make them more secret. Back in 2011, Club Penguin did a superb job by covering the Operation: Hibernation with the great sled race event. It made us feel EPF secrecy is a real deal. With adding more EPF gadgets and good (sensible) plot lines, EPF can make 2015 year of the Club Penguin.

            4. Card Jitsu

            Last time we had a new card jitsu game, it was in 2013 and before it we had a new card jitsu game in 2010. Club Penguin is surely taking a long time in developing Card Jitsu games and of course they need time for creating them but I think its now time for another Card Jitsu game. After the disastrous 2014, Club Penguin now needs to strike back and Card Jitsu is the one which can help them. After the release of Card Jitsu Snow, we are left with no amulets to collect but thanks to Club Penguin fans who help them create myths like Rainbow Puffle, Golden Puffle, Ice berg tipping etc. They also came up with Card Jitsu Shadow idea back in 2011. (It wasn't confirm weather the leaks were from Club Penguin files or where fan mades but it seems most of them were fan created, you can get all the information regarding shadow ninja by clicking here). But to say it was a brilliant idea. Players also accepted the idea with the open hands. Now Club Penguin needs to have a go with this myth and tusk making a return will be cherry on top.

            5. Merchandise

            2014 was the year where we saw empty shelves of Club Penguin toys at shops. The hype of Club Penguin magazine went down, Club Penguin didn't have 2014 annual yet, no new card jitsu collectible cards, no new treasure book and the drought of 1 year membership cards. All we had was overwhelming 3 months and 6 months membership cards. Club Penguin needs to focus on there merchandises. They should create new line of Club Penguin toys, card jitsu cards with a all new treasure book and by all new means upgrading the catalog by new creativity. The hype for Club Penguin magazine could return by adding more exclusive contents in it, more exclusive free items and most important is making it available in more countries. Club Penguin should distribute more 1 month membership cards instead of 3-6 months and a new wii or Ds game could make a cherry on top. Club Penguin EP 'The Party Starts Now' was released in 2013 and was a great success and by now Club Penguin has enough of singles to release there next EP. They can release a new EP this year around the Music Jam which can make profits for Walt Disney records if promoted well. But the main problem is there stuffs being available in only certain countries. Club Penguin recently made there stuffs available in Mexico. They needs to do that more. Many kids are eagerly waiting for Club Penguin merchandise to become available in there countries for years. (Like me in India). So they should discuss with Disney about this. At lest adding them online could be best if they think it's a risk to do.

            6. Outside the Game

            Club Penguin had a short run of there shorts on Disney channel in year 2012-2013 and then last month Club Penguin made a return to our T.V screens with there Christmas special 'We Wish You A Merry Walrus". This is the platform where the Club Penguin could attract new audiences. Back when the shorts aired on Disney Channel, my cousins saw them and requested me to create a penguin for them. They joined joined Club Penguin and played it for a short period. Creating more content for T.V can make the older players re-join Club Penguin and the current players excited but I think Club Penguin shouldn't go with stop motion as they take long time to create and now are old fashioned. I'd love to see 22 minutes long episode runs on Disney Channel. Club Penguin has strong stroy lines, the show can become Disney's next Phineas and Ferb. Club Penguin has a spy agency, a good villian, pirates, ninjas, good characters and much more. The show is a win-win for Disney but if they are not interested, short runs between the breaks are also accepted but they need to make a long season. At least around 13 episodes.

            7. Mini updates

            Club Penguin had brought heavy changes to the island in past years but it was just renovating. Club Penguin should add mini changes to the places around Club Penguin like they could add another telescope on ski hill so we can see other part of Club Penguin (we had fixed a telescope in a PSA mission). They should update the cove's binocular's vision (It is the only thing old in the newer Club Penguin). Club Penguin should do something to make collecting stamps more fun as this year saw a huge let down in stamps. No new stamps even we had two permanent mascots. Upgrade the postcard system.  Adding more books in the Club Penguin times office. New books about new myths using the characters like Gariwald, Skip, Garugg the Ugg Ugg, Scorn the dragon king, etc and maybe a Rockhopper's adventures book. Club Penguin could be more creative and can do something more. Club Penguin could add an extra paper to the club penguin times. Have some new stage plays. Add some little things to the places or perhaps they could add some extra snow.

            8. Myths

            Everyone knows Club Penguin is more fun because of the myths. We had Director identity, Golden Puffle, Rainbow puffle myths which were mysteries for years and were finally revealed in previous years. Now its time to create more myths and reveal more myths. The current Club Penguin myths are Rockhopper island, Ice-berg tipping and Card Jitsu shadow. Club Penguin needs to reveal at least one myth to wash away there 2014's sins and also Club Penguin should start plotting more myths for future.

            9. Penguins the Explorers

            This year Club Penguin should take us beyond our beloved island. Club Penguin needs to bring another Rockhopper Quest where we could go on search for new islands, treasures! Club Penguin can also let us explore the wilderness of Club Penguin or explore the beneath of Club Penguin, or maybe in the mountains of Club Penguin, etc. That kind of brown Puffle cave expedition needs to happen more.

            10. #CpNext

            In 2013, Club Penguin revealed there plans of making computer Club Penguin interphase change into mobile device 3D game interphase (This movement was called CpNext) which was met with a huge drama in Twitter community because of the servers problems but as Polofield once said in a tweet, most of them don't know what they are saying. Exactly! Club Penguin knows servers are important part of Club Penguin as they help penguins hosts party, meetups and let them get together with friends. They know it and they will surely come up with something. If they solves this problem, Club Penguin could become a lot more enjoyable. We can have 3D shapes, 3D puffles, new lookout and as said above about EPF in-games missions. But it seems impossible this year as Club Penguin just launched Club Penguin on Android and now the work has increased to maintain Club Penguin on web, iOS and Android. But if Club Penguin pulled off CpNext this year after a disaster year, all there sins can be forgotten.

            After the disastrous 2014 year, Club Penguin now needs to save there sinking migrator. With adapting some of there old ways and mixing them with new ideas can create a delicious cake for Club Penguin. What do you think? Did you feel an excitement reading the post? Tell your suggestions, agrees and disagrees in the comments.

            5 Reasons Merry Walrus Failed

            After all the up and downs this year, Club Penguin surely wanted to end this year on a high. They made Club Penguin app available to download on Android devices. Made a Club Penguin special for the T.V and an unnecessary renovated Holiday party. The new traditon full party was hugely disliked by Club Penguin players. ClubPenguinSky has point out 5 reasons where merry walrus failed to deliver what players were expecting from a huge party.

            1. Plot Line

            Plot lines are important part of Club Penguin as they create an excite inside us but sadly these days Club Penguin are struggling in making good plot lines. Now a days Club Penguin is creating childish plot lines which are rushed, making everything pointless. I know Club Penguin is targeted towards child audience but they shouldn't forget there is grown up audience too who cares about the plot lines. Merry Walrus plot line was completely a no brainer. A Walrus came flying to Club Penguin, took over the Rockhopper organized coins for change event and changed our beloved holiday party into his traditional event without anyone knowing why? Not much of his presence was known in Club Penguin until now. If Merry Walrus is a Santa type Walrus At least Club Penguin should had hinted us with a myth in recent months. Everything happened so fast but Club Penguin said in there We Wish You A Merry Walrus Special behind the scenes video, Club Penguin took almost a year to make the Club Penguin special "We Wish You A Merry Walrus." It means they had planned this change soon after the Holiday party 2013 so it means they had plenty of time to plot the story line, they had a big window opened to gave us hints through out the 2014 year as they use to do in old days of Club Penguin. Instead of this rushed plot line they could had gave us a good plot line by linking Merry Walrus with the previous month Pirate Party. Instead of the rushing crab takeover plot line and using the previously used idea of Migrator sinking, Club Penguin could had used the event to set up the Merry Walrus party. Rockhopper could had take us to another quest like he did back in February 2012. We could had explored Merry Walrus island and his castle. Penguins met Merry Walrus there and then Merry Walrus decided to come to Club Penguin. It could had been a superb plot line. People this days loves plot lines which are linked with another plot line (Example Marvel Cinematic Universe movies).Club Penguin missed a good opportunity.

            2. Character and Title

            "It's my name and it's my catchphrase" NO. This is where the creativity gets sink like migrator. Naming the mascot and the party of same name isn't a good idea. Club Penguin could had named Merry Walrus (Talking about mascot) Mr.Walrus or something else. It's confusing and sounds childish to me. And also instead of making a Walrus Santa for us, they could had created an old age penguin a Santa for us who is same age as Sensei and linking them together could had opened doors for another Card Jitsu. Perhaps Club Penguin created Walrus a mascot because Walrus rhymes with Christmas? (Not really). Merry Walrus came to the island and volunteers to deliver all of the coins penguins donate around the world with his sleigh but who was doing this work before the Merry Walrus? Can the penguins trust a walrus? Rockhopper played a crucial role in We Wish You A Merry Walrus so Club Penguin could had made Rockhopper organize the Coins For Change and let Merry Walrus do his traditional party.

            3. Decorations

            This year Club Penguin parties saw less decorations due to the extra work of mobile devices but Club Penguin should understand Christmas party is a huge party and it is being celebrated every year since Club Penguin was created. Club Penguin just could had pulled off some few decorations to the un decorated rooms instead of not decorating them at all. Christmas is also special because it's the time of the year when sky has night. Club Penguin could just had changed it to night which would had added more Christmas feeling to the penguins. The music was good but with all other flavors missing, they weren't enjoyable.

            4. Items

            New traditions they said and the new tradition were the tasks we were doing since Disney bought Club Penguin.

            Gifts for everyone they said and we got very few items compare to any Holiday party. When we had Holiday parties, we use to get over 30 free items. The 12 days countdown used to have 2 free items per day. 1 for member and 1 for everyone and then Rockhopper would had brought us loads of free items which would had good looks. And we were left with another puffle and to obtain it was another let down. No challenging quests and we were forced to believe the latest puffle is the magical puffle of any puffle breed.

            5. Coins For Change

            This year Coins for Change was like K in the word Knock. It's there but pointless. Club Penguin were so lost in promoting there We Wish You A Merry Walrus special they forget that Coins for Change is an important part of Club Penguin. Every year Club Penguin would had heavily promoted Coins for Change more than the Holiday Party but this year it felt like Club Penguin just threw the Coins for Change into Merry Walrus just because it's a very huge event to get scrapped. The donation process was just simple and boring compare to other years where we had so many options to choose for which cause we are donating for and to encourage penguins for more donations, Club Penguin would had set up railway where members and non-members came together for a good cause and seeing lighthouse getting full was a great feeling. It was satisfying to see our donated coins are in safe place. Every year Rockhopper would had waddle around promoting Coins for Change and the Club Penguin Times would had played an important role making awareness among penguins with there articles. This year Merry Walrus was selfish enough to heavily promote his traditions. There wasn't any fun donating coins at all. The only good thing was all our catalog purchases going for Coins for Change but that wasn't fun.

            Club Penguin seems to bring Merry Walrus back next year but can they fix the errors of annual Merry Walrus? Yes of course! They can but they just needs to understand the errors and have to work on them. Penguins are ready to welcome the new content but they get mad when things doesn't go the right way. Hope the Merry Walrus (the party) will be loved as much as Holiday parties have been back. What are your thoughts? Let them be in the comments.

            Club Penguin Sky Newsletter

            This year was all up and down for Club Penguin. Majority of Club Penguin players disliked the parties, content, plot lines and many more things. This year I did what I never thought of. I quit playing Club Penguin in March and it was until this month I came back just because of Club Penguin app becoming available on Android and my Dad was generous enough to activate membership on my penguin. Reasons for me to quit was DJ Stores hacking @ClubPenguinSky account and deleting so many tweets and the dramas revolving around it and I was left with no internet connection by my parents and I wasn't able to play Club Penguin and also 2014 marked the year where I get into the last days of schools and had to prepare for the one-last-big exams which are due to the last week of the March of 2015 so I won't be active much though I will be tweeting some jokes on @ClubPenguinSky twitter account and will be waddling around the island for collecting the items but on't expect a reply from me on my @Azeemsky account because I've not made an all come back. Wish me luck for my exams and I wish you a happy new year. :-)

            -Azeemsky. (Founder and Main Owner of ClubPenguinSky)

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            ClubPenguinSky Is Still ALIVE!

            Hello friends, it's Azeemsky here! You guys maybe wondering why there is a post on Club Penguin Sky. I have made this post to let you guys know that we're still active on Twitter. Our Twitter account, @ClubPenguinSky is active and it is now a Club Penguin funny account. We're tweeting Club Penguin jokes, memes on it and this not just the end. ClubPenguinSky has got another new owner and this time, that owner is here to stay and he is none other then the loyal blogger, DJ Stores. (Know for CPFactz cheats). DJ has created a live Club Penguin TV channel and it is called ClubPenguinSky TV. Yes, very own Club Penguin community's TV channel. It's absolutely free of charges. You can submit your Club Penguin videos and it's a golden chance to show your talent to the community and get the views your video deserves :-D but sadly, the TV will not be on this site as blogger doesn't allows the functions which is required. So we have made a weebly site where we can do what we're aiming to do. We will be uploading all the memes which we tweet on @ClubPenguinSky so if you guys have missed any, you guys can check it out later. Checkout our weebly website,

            Special thanks to these awesome people for giving their wonderful time to CPSky.

            SprayCheese5 - Ex-Owner.

            David - Ex-Owner.

            Azber123 - Ex-Owner.

            Burrows14 - Author.

            Nate1629_1 - Author.

            Dh228 - Author.

            Katy29654 - Helping in creating.

            Prador - Site theme.

            Aryan - Cpsky gfx designer.

            Pensuby - Hacking our blog and betraying us. Unfortunately, Ex-Owner.

            and rest of the people who helped me through the way (I'm forgetting many names)

            Sadly, 90% of them has quit and most of them are no longer in contact.

            Wish us love, wish us luck. It's now time to say Goodbye.

            PS, This blog has reached over 200K hits even after being inactive from over a year. Thank you to all.

            -Azeemsky. (Founder and Main Owner of ClubPenguinSky)

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            Easy Way To Earn Superhero Hoodie On Club Penguin (NO HACK)

            The Super Hero Bounce game is a fun game for penguins to work at earning new awesome items but it becomes headache when you keep failing to get the Superhero hoodie and EPIC headache when your all friends have the item leaving you and the BIGGEST problem is, after a few days, you're unable to earn the hoodie. So I decided to lend a helping flipper to the penguins out there! Here are some tips to earn Superhero hoodie easier:

            1. Play on quieter servers. Servers with fewer green bars will have less players. This will mean you have a faster connection and load times.

            2. Lower your resolution. You can press the minus key on your keyboard while playing Club Penguin to reduce the game's resolution. This is a quick and easy way to speed up the game.

            It will look like this when you're playing Club Penguin in lower resolution

            3. Use Small Screen Mode. Click on the Small Screen icon in the top blue bar.

            It will look like this when it's in small screen mode

            4. Close any unused tabs or windows on your internet browser.

            5. Club Penguin is the busiest between 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time and 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time. If you go on before or after these times, you may have faster load times.

            6. Have a parent or guardian make sure the computer you're using is up to date. It's really important to have Flash Player and your internet browser at the latest versions offered.

            It will look like this when you wear the Superhero hoodie.

            If you have any questions about the points listed above, please let me know. Keep in mind that if you are using slower internet or a wireless internet connection, you may have more difficulty maintaining a connection to Club Penguin.

            -Azeemsky. (ClubPenguinSky Owner)

            You can follow me on Twitter: @AZEEMSKY & For funny Club Penguin tweets, follow @ClubPenguinSky

            Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013: Meet Sif

            Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 is just around the corner and recently, @ClubPenguin has tweeted a sneak peek image of Sif costume. Well, many peoples on Twitter doesn't know who is Sif. So I decided to make a post for letting you know who is Sif.

            Sif is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics, in particular those featuring Thor. Based on the mythological being of the same name, Sif was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #102 (March 1964). As an Asgardian warrior and lover of Thor, Sif often accompanies Thor into battle and spends much of her time worrying about and searching for him.
            -Source Wikipedia

            I'm sure, you guys have watched Thor movie which was released in 2011. Sif has appeared in that movie (Portrayed by Jaimie Alexander), she is Thor's lover and childhood friend and also Asgardian warrior.

            Below is an image, in which I showed pictures of Sif from Club Penguin, Comic and Movie (2011).

            Are you guys ready for the Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013? For more Club Penguin interesting facts, follow @ClubPenguinSky on Twitter! You can follow my personal Twitter account too. It's @Azeemsky on Twitter.

            -Azeemsky (ClubPenguinSky Owner)

            This Website Is Closed Now

            More information about this will be posted soon

            -Azeemsky (Owner Of Club Penguin Sky)

            New book "My Great Life: The Story of Herbert"!

            Hi all! As mentioned a few days ago, the book "My Great Life: The Story of Herbert" came along with blackout operation and now when you go to the square you will see a sign with the name of the work. And inside you'll see scenes that have gone through the life of Herbert.

            Unfortunately there is no trick or dress in costume chest.
            Obviously if Herbert has taken over the island, but do not worry, the EPF has a flat 12 days to beat Herbert! Also when you go to the gift shop you will see that the catalog has pictures of Herbert.

            This can be very dangerous, do not you think? Let's wait and see what we can do for the island. Like Herbert will be taking over the island?

            Pin Arrives "heavy weights" to Club Penguin!

            Hi all! It's the second week of November and the new pin has arrived to the island! These are some heavy weights and is exactly in the boiler room next to the boiler.

            To add it to your inventory, we recommend to click on it to make your penguin walk toward him.

            When you have it you have it in your player card and show it to your friends who already have the last pin. What's your favorite pin that you?Let us know in a comment!

            Operatoin Blackout comes to Club Penguin!

            Hello to all players! The day has come one of the most anticipated operations in recent years, and finally as I said recently, has arrived! By the time you see the island dark and snowy, but that remains to be seen when we fight Herbert.

            The operation blackout was mentioned as one of the most anticipated since 2010! And I think it's great that these rumors have become reality. Think you can beat Herbert? I think so!

            Advancement of white!

            Hi all! On Friday, our friend Polo field shared with us a little more information on the next color to come to the island, which is white.

            This color has been wanted for several months, and finally we have said what we get before New Year! Does not that amazing? I can not wait to see how it looks with that color my penguin.