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Yearbook comes 7th Anniversary to Club Penguin!

Hi all! Each year just today, comes a book commemorating the feats, memories and holidays spent together during October - November! And I fear that this year is what remains of great!

As you may remember, each year comes the highly anticipated "yearbook" which contains all photos of party favors we had that year. Anyway, when you open the book the first thing you see is a note.

Once you've finished having his eye at the yearbook, why do not you go to the end of the book? It may happen or will by pasaar something amazing! When you're in that part of characters, you'll see everyone including Dot, which certainly seems to be one not yet official. But hey, when you hover your mouse cursor over the word unnoticed of the Dot, you'll see a bit of info about the Director.

Awesome! Do you think that means that soon the director is to find a character? I think so! Did you like this year's yearbook?We want to know the answer in a comment!

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