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Exclusive: CeCe On Club Penguin?

We all know that Rocky and CeCe is going to be meet able during Ultimate Jam and they will be giving out free backgrounds to everyone but like every mascot, can we add them?

Like other Mascots, If we search their names, It shows they are not this

But today, when i searched Rocky, it says penguin not found but when i searched CeCe, this penguin appeared:

I was able to add her! it means that penguin was not mascot? was she real CeCe? Or Club Penguin forget to dress her up? Or Club Penguin forget to make her add mascot feature?What do you think?  Let us know in comments.

ClubPenguinSy Owner

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  1. great! You are ALWAYS the first one to post things!. No other site has posted this :) ( Except a few ) And also as you said that ur giving away free codes for the 50k party! Awesome cuz I also loved ur party. And ur party became more nice cuz train came a little late but we had Fun!