Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

Club Penguin Igloo Feature/Experience To Release After Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam!

Many of you may have recalled me saying that that the new igloo feature/experience is going to be released soon! Polo Filed once said it will release during Super Hero party but for some reasons, They couldn't release it and they have to postponed the release. Later, Happy77 tweeted from the Club Penguin Twitter Account saying the Igloo Feature/experience is going to be released in the next few weeks and then later, Polo Field confirmed it saying there were issues and the igloo feature/experience will not be released during Super Hero party! Well, Today i was checking Polo Field tweets on his personal twitter account and i notic that he has tweeted some information about Igloo Feature/experience!

When a penguin asked polo field! 'When is  Igloo Feature/experience going to release' and then polo field replied him saying 'after Ultimate Jam maybe'

 And again one more penguin asked Polo Field about Igloo Feature/experience and the answer was same

And later Club Penguin youtube channel, confirmed it by commenting on Club Penguin: Igloo Feature/experience video!

 Igloo Feature/experience has a long time to release! Are you sad with this news? Let us know in comments.


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