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Club Penguin Scorn Returning In Chapter 2 Exclusive Theory

Hello friends! As you know, Club Penguin times issue #344 has just now released and it has come with lots of fresh news and like always i was reading it and when i turned the page i saw something interesting! Gary was looking very worried , he said in the article 'Heroes must always be on the lookout, for darkness can rise at any time...'

When a penguin name 'Lon Gon' asked Gary
Dear Gary,
Is the Dragon king is truly defeated?

Gary replied in the article

Dear Lon Gon, Nothing would make me happier than to say yes-but i cannot
scorn is a devious enemy, and he has many powers, He was defeated once before, but he managed to come back. villains are like that
A hero's work is never done
So i implore all the heroes of the realm to saty on guard 
And when you roll over your mouse from the scorn's broken statue (which is at Scorn battling area) it will start shining

So it means, Scorn will be returning very soon before May 29! what do you say? Its just a theory so i can't say surely about this.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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