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Club Penguin Field Ops #83 Cheats

Hello friends! A brand new Field Ops is now available, start by heading to the EPF Command Center! Then go to the Field Op Board and read the orders Gary has for you.

 Here is your mission:

It reads:
Splendiferous, Secret Knights. The Dragon King is defeated. Now we must seal him away! Go to his statue on Dragon Peak, and use thy tools to power the seal. Onward!
After you click accept, you will go to the Ski Hill and go over to the next to the pile of gold and the free item. its little bit hard to find the correct place but once  you have found out, your spy phone will blink in green

In this Field Ops, we need to power up the chip set.

After you complete your Field Op, you will get this message from Director!

“Well done, Agent. Your actions have been exceptional, given the... circumstances. I expect the island to return to normal now. Stay sharp, and watch out for threats.”

here is a video guide:

Congratulations! You have just completed this week’s Field Op.
-Your Friend Azeemsky

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