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Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012 Complete Guide!

Hello friends! The Medieval Party has been released! There are knights, princesses, and lots more at this party! All the rooms are very well decorated. you can check the rooms by clicking here! To start off the cheats, let’s start with the free items.

The first item is the Noble Helmet, and you can get it at the Ski Hill!

Sweet! Along with the Free Item at the Ski Hill, is an awesome Medieval Catalog in the Market (Gift Shop)! Here is the first page:

(Click on the Red Tabard and the “M” on Medieval for Hidden Items!)

And here is the second page!

Woah! The Thunder Sword is EPIC! What do you think of the catalog?


Add the Medieval Party, in the Pool, there are three Knight’s Quests for you to take on! Quest 1 is for everyone, while 2 and 3 are member’s only! For a Guide on EACH of the Quests, click on the quest below:

Knight’s Quest 1 | Knight’s Quest 2 | Knight’s Quest 3


This year, Club Penguin has added a brand new quest to the party! In this quest, we have to beat Scorn the Dragon King! But to do this, we need to prepare!

To start off, we need to collect 3 Items to what looks like making a Magic Slingshot! Here is the map of the island:

The first item you need to find is the Fairy Branch! You can find this item at the Dock:

The next item are the Spheres of Starlight! You can find these at the Beach:

And the last item that you need are the Cursed Stones! You can get these at the Ski Village:

Once you collect all three items, go up to the Ski Hill and go into the door leading to Scorn!

Once you get on the bridge, collect your free Battle Cape!

When you get to the battle location for Scorn, it will ask you if you are prepared for battle. Say yes and the instructions will appear:

Fight Scorn by shooting the orbs of light that come up! Once his life is gone, this message will appear:

Collect your coins and your Dragon Crown Pin, and waddle into the Sky Kingdom! Here you can pick up your free Skyward Staff!

Congratulations! You have saved the kingdom from Scorn!

Awesome! What do you think of this years Medieval Party? Let us know in the comments!
-Your Friend Azeemsky

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