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Club Penguin June 2012 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog Cheats | Hidden Items

Hey everyone! Club Penguin has added a brand new Clothing Catalog to the Gift Shop! In this catalog, there are a bunch of new super hero costumes that we can dress up in preparation for the new Super Hero Party this month! Here is the cover:

And there are a bunch of hidden items, and they are all capes! Check it out:

White Cape:
(Click on the Boy Reporter’s Papers)

Yellow Cape:
(Click on the girl newscaster’s falling papers)

Pink Cape:
(Click on the camera lens)

Orange Cape:
(Click on the Reporter’s Pocket)

Green Cape:
(Click on the Fiendish Suit’s Middle)

Brown Cape:
(Click on the orange penguin’s arm)

Red Cape:
(Click on the pink penguin’s hand)

Blue Cape:
(Click on the Fire Extinguisher!)

Awesome! What do you think of these Super Hero costumes? Let us know in comments!

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