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Club Penguin Cheats - Ye Knight Quest 3 - Medieval Party 2012

Hello friends its Azeemsky here! Here is the full guide on Club Penguin Ye Knight Quest 3! Start by going through the gate that says “Quest 3″.

The first challenge is to watch the colored gems and pick the cup that has the gem that you are asked for. The best way to do this is to watch two of the cups and then you know where all three of them are!

Next is a maze kinda thing. You have to go through it and press buttons to open and close the paths. The easiest way to do this is…
Press The Red Button
Press The Blue Button
Then Back Track and Press The Yellow Button

In between that challenge and the next challenge is a pathway! There’s a free item there and GET IT! You’ll need it to defeat the Yellow Hydra. Here’s how to defeat each hydra:
Yellow Hydra – Look at which section its going to hit with it’s fireball. Then Deflect it with your shield by standing on that section
Blue Hydra – Use the lava cup to hit it. Throw a snowball at the cup to make it pour the lava on to the hydra
Red Hydra - Hit it with snowballs, but be careful because if it hits you with its fireball you have to start all over again!

Once you defeat them all thats left to do is get the last free item…

If this didn't helped you then here is the video guide:

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