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Club Penguin Cheats - Ye Knight Quest 2 - Medieval Party 2012

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Here is the complete walk thorough for Ye Knight Quest 2!

The first challenge is to put out all the fire using snowballs! Once you do that then then a path will be revealed…

The next challenge is a slider puzzle! The slider changes from time to time so I cannot give any instructions  Sorry.

In the next room there’s a free horse thing! Make sure you grab it before it gallops off in a couple of days!

The next challenge is to kill a dragon :O To do this all you have to do is…
Fill Up The Barrel Using Snowballs
Cool Down The Cannon Using Snowballs
Fire The Cannon At The Dragon!
Repeat until it dies

The gate will open once you’ve killed it. Enter through it…

Grab the free items! There’s gold coins (Furniture Item) and a Tooth Brush (Pin)! If this didn't helped you then here is a video guide:

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