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Club Penguin: Sled Race Cheats

You can play one of the most popular game called Sled Racing at the Ski Hill. There are four different levels you can participate in: ridge run, penguin run, express and bunny hill.

  • Bunny Hill – Easy, 2 players
  • Express – Easy, 2 players
  • Penguin Run – Medium, 3 players
  • Ridge Run – Hard, 4 players
How to play:

Walk towards one of the levels on the Ski Hill and get started! Use your left and right arrow keys to move your penguin around various obstacles. Be careful for logs, rocks and much more!

Sled Race Upgrades:

If you’re a member you’re able to buy sleds and tobaggons to help you get down the mountain faster.

While sled racing, look for random pieces of ice to help you boost your speed!

Hope this helped you!

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