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Club Penguin: Ice Fishing Cheats

You can play Ice Fishing at the Ski Lodge. This game allows you to capture different types of fish and the biggest one: the Mullet! The more fish you collect, the more coins you receive!

How to play Ice Fishing:
To play, use your mouse and drop it below the ice to grab the fish. To collect the fish, bring above the surface and click. To catch the mullet, you will need to capture 68 fish.

Be careful for other objects that aren’t fish: Barrels, shoes, sharks, jellyfish and crabs! They either make you lose a life or drop the fish back into the water. If you ever lose a life, look for the can of worms floating in the water in the upcoming levels.

Catching the Mullet in Ice Fishing:
Catching this fish might take a few minutes if you have enough patience. All you need to do is just keep playing all of the levels until you reach 60 fish. When all the crabs, sharks and jellyfish are gone; hold onto ONE yellow fish and keep it under the water. If you see another fish, you can choose to either keep the current one or get it.

Now wait for the Mullet, you’ll see it in the distance. Wait until it gets closer, when it does – it’ll open up it’s mouth and grab onto the fish.

Ice Fishing catalog:

Like every other mini-game, there will always be some sort of catalog for you. To find the catalog walk near the Ice Fishing door. You can buy Flashing Lure Rod and is only 200 coins.

Flashing Lure Fishing Rod:

If you equip this item, you’ll be able to collect grey fish as well! But be careful, they take even more time to capture! You can also use this rod if you’re trying to capture the Mullet.

Ice Fishing Stamps:

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