Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

Club penguin New App 'My Penguin' Exclusive

Club Penguin has updated a file of theirs, this time with some interesting mobile related stuff! There are a total of seven commands having to do with a new app, dubbed the ‘My Penguin App’ as shown in the second line of the image below. The actual contents and release date of this application are unknown.take a look:

I wonder, what is throwing snowballs at penguins. The %0% if the variable for the penguin’s name. I think it is safe to assume it will be for both iOS and Android. If so, it is possible that the Android version will be released shortly after the iOS version.

They also updated one of their files. In it they listed a new room called ‘My Penguin’. This is definitely related to the upcoming application – but what exactly? 

Is taht room or App? I hope Club Penguin let us do beta testing, what about you? comment below!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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