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ClubPenguinSky Version 3 Release Countdown Coin Code Contest (Day 6/ Round 6)

This task has been ended

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, We’re up to day five in my ClubPenguinSky Version 3 Release Countdown Coin Code Contest!

Today’s task is very simple, you have simply leave a comment saying what you are doing this puffle party 2012? I’m curious to know. Good luck! :)

You have until 11:59AM PST (Sunday) to have your entry to count, otherwise it is not counted. Remember, each day you have 24 hours to enter!

I will be accepting twice comments for this post and remember don't spam

Remember to visit tomorrow for task 7

-Your Friend Azeemsky.


  1. I will work very hard to find PH and play games with my puffle!

  2. I will party with my puffle at the Puffle Party! I will also transform into my puffle!