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Club Penguin How To Transform Into Puffle (Members Only)

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, I'm showing you cheat of how to be puffle on Club Penguin, follow this steps which is below to transform into puffle

Go to Ski lodge, enter Play Zone, When you enter the room, you have to pick one of your Puffles. This is the Puffle that you will transform into. 

When you enter the next room, you will notice that you are in fact a Puffle. Hit things like the dance button (D On Your Keyboard) to see what cool things you can do. 

Also, you can leave the room or hit on your map and you will still be a Puffle. If you click on your playercard, you will be able to transform back into a penguin.

You need to be member to transform into puffle and special thanks to 1James10 to allowing me to use his penguin!
 Are you enjoying puffle party 2012? Comment below!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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