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Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2012 Clues With Answers and Free Items For April 2012 Exclusive

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Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Club Penguin recently updated one of their files and after a little bit of looking I found out what’s new – they added 8 Easter Egg Hunt scavenger clues! This scavenger hunt will be called ''SILLY SCAVENGER HUNT I,  tried to guess the answers but failed but my friend Trainman helped me in this and he guess the answers, so here are they:

The first egg’s hid near shining gold, Somewhere deep and dark and cold. Underwater Lake
The next egg’s found near works of art, Plus lots of books to make you smart! Book Room
This next egg’s near a snowy shore. It’s hidden well. You must explore. Beach
Now head towards a wooden shack. You’re doing well, you’re right on track! Mine Shack
Search now near a tall white chair, For watching waves. The egg is there. Cove
The next one’s sure to make you smile. Just like you, this egg’s got style. Gift Shop
The next egg’s near a chair that lifts. You’re getting close, you must be swift! Ski Village or Mountain
The last egg’s near a big, bright light. You’re almost done, the end’s in sight. Lighthouse Beacon

Here is swf link:

The prize will be the Yellow Bunny Ears as it shows in the swf files (Which is below)

And when i look around in that file, i notice Club Penguin has added a new thing, its is related to scavenger hunt and recycling so may be it can be for Earth day party 2012, who knows? you can check it out below!

It didn't said any room in it and i think the free item will be 'Safari helmet' because Club Penguin has added an item to their file and it is not a member item and related to Earth day party 2012, you can check it out below:

And the free item for Club Penguin April Fool's party 2012 will be 'Blue Propeller hat'

And there was an item name 'Hat Box' and it was not for members so i guess it will be also free 

There are more to post about unreleased items but i'll post it tomorrow so until then waddle on!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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