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Club Penguin Puffle Launch Game Guide!

 The following game Puffle Launch contains stamps to earn, in “Games”. 

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, A new game can be found added by Club Penguin if you visit the new refurbished Pet Shop! This new game is called “Puffle Launch”. Below is a tutorial walkthrough guide on how to specifically complete the game and earn the stamps along the way, there are three levels, Blue Sky for everyone; Soda Sunset for members only and Box Dimension for members only.

The new red puffle cannon in Pet Shop, the entry to Puffle Launch game.

Choose your puffle! Before anything, it doesn’t matter how many puffles you have, choose one to be on your mission to complete Puffle Launch, select your desired puffle to get into that cannon and begin the puffle launch journey.

This is the official game screen, as you can see below, so far only one level is unlocked. And if you look more closely below you will see a puffle-o and a robot piece at the end, in the middle there is some orange bar, that is how much experience points you have collected until the next piece of the robot is unlocked.

Now your in! First of all, you should be aware that the first three Puffle O’s are automatically collected by the blue cannon, in order to move from place to place, you wait for the appropriate aim in the green cannon only, because blue cannons automatically switch you to different directions.

And if you mis-aimed or misguided one of your launches… remember to QUICKLY use all the arrow keys to move around. They are a huge help if you want to save puffle o’s and at the same time save one of your lives in a level.

A helpful tip below to teach you what certain colored cannons do!

The GREEN cannons let you choose which way to launch out of.

The BLUE cannons automatically launch you out a random direction.

The RED cannons stop your puffle, and has a moving beam of all around to launch.

The PURPLE cannons also stops your puffle lets you use the arrow keys to aim a launch.

The YELLOW & BLACK cannons are checkpoints and auto-start at the last checkpoint you’ve reached in.

The ORANGE Puffle-O means that all the Puffle O’s were collected.

The GRAY Puffle-O means that there needs to be more Puffle-O’s collected.

The BLACK Puffle-O means that no Puffle-O’s at all were collected.
Puffle Launch: Allies

Fire Puffle-O: To the left there is a Fire Puffle-O, this fire puffle-o is the main checkpoint and ticket to complete the selected level, when this Fire Puffle-O has been reached, you have officially completed the level.

Green Balloon: To the right there is a Green Balloon, this balloon helps you bounce when there isn’t any cannons nearby, also this green balloon can help you reach the Fire Puffle-O and secret puffle-o locations.
Puffle Launch: Enemies

Green Cactus: To the left there is a green cactus with a Mexican-styled vase held by 3 red balloons, these cactus block your way, making it a hard obstacle to pass to the next location.

Orchestra Piano: To the right, there is a huge orchestra piano making it one of the hardest obstacles in the game to pass by, it is held by 5 red balloons.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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