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Club Penguin Bits & Bolts: Walkthrough Guide

            The following game Bits & Bolts contains stamps to earn, in “Games”.


Hello friends its Azeemsky here. A new game can be found added by Club Penguin if you visit the new refurbished Dance Lounge! This new game is called “Bits & Bolts”. Below is a tutorial walkthrough guide on how to specifically complete the game and earn the stamps along the way, you automatically start with Level One.

The Bits & Bolts game machine in the remodeled Dance Lounge.

Below is the games start game screen. It has a pixel-ish touch and it starts off with a small orange bot and a big machine contraption on the right. The screen has a big header saying “Bits & Bolts” followed by 2 buttons, “Start” and “Instructions” finally saying “Snowball Soft – 2011″.

Before we click Start. Lets read the instructions so we can know what we’re doing meanwhile at the same time, playing the game. Four screens in steps will show on how to play this game correctly and successfully, as you can see below.

How To Play Bits & Bolts:
Click and combine the bolts to match the target number.
Match the correct multiples of bolts to build a piece of the robot.
Use the blast ball to help clear the screen.
Some robots require special numbers of bolts. Watch for even, odd and prime bots.

As you can see in the numbers above, you will notice these when you enter Level 1. These numbers are the number of some bolts required to build a bot piece. For example, if the number shows “3″ you will have to connect 3 of the same pieces, remember to also look at the piece is shows, some pieces will have two O’s meanwhile some will have four O’s.

As you can see above to the left, the pieces must match not only the bot part type, but the number as well.

As you can see above to the right, the pieces have the incorrect number and different bot parts, they don’t match.

-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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