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Club Penguin Treasure Chest Body Item Exclusive!

*Happy77 commented on this post*

Hello friends its Azeemsky here,  Today i was waddling on Bobsled and on Shiprewck island i saw that 3 or 4 penguins are wearing treasure chest body item which can be unlock from Club Penguin's U.K magazine March issue code! the strange thing in it was, they were wearing unreleased body item!

I contacted my best friend on twitter Clubysammy(Sam2k14) who lives in U.K and she said Club Penguin's U.K magazine March issue will be out on 8th March and other peoples also say same to me on twitter and then i thought those penguins can be Club Penguin's moderators and before i take pictures of them, they were gone but soon in like 15 minutes i saw 2 penguins wearing that item in town, i quickly manages to take 2 pictures of them and start interviewing them about how do you got those items? are you Club Penguin's moderators? but then the second penguin got offline and only one penguin left and he say they are not Club Penguin's moderators, they unlocked it then i asked how? he said its a secret and then got offline, after then i can't find the penguins again :(

Is Club Penguin's U.K Magazine March issue is already out? by the way, you can see those pics below :)

What do you think guys? really strange huh? comment below your thoughts on it!
Update: Some peoples on twitter said this penguins got this itmes by hacking :O
-Your Friend Azeemsky.


  1. The Club penguin magazine is out monthly next issue is out on the 8th march it seems pretty strange that fellow penguin pals have the rare item? until next time waddle on thanks Happy77 :)

  2. Hi AZEEMSKY, nice post! :) I've never seen that item before and I have heard about it too. :) By the way, the Happy77 that commented on this post is a poser. :) WADDLE ON!

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)

  3. Well,If you see someone wear it,REPORT HIM!
    That hack that called "Blizzard trainer" or somthing like that.
    Its not real!

    1. It's real... The New Issue is out.. and that is the item you get from the code

  4. That body item is a free code to everyone! I really need to get it! and quick!

  5. that happy77 is fake for a start there is no proof thats a real happy77 any1 can post with the name happy77

  6. Blizzard trainer is broken.