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list Of Club Penguin's Official Animated Shorts

Hello Friends its Azeemsky here, Club Penguin Animated Shorts are short animated episodes made by Disney under Club Penguin. They air on YouTube, Disney Channel, and Disney XD. On rare occasion, Disney airs these shorts on their channels.

Episode #1

Never Wake A Sleeping Sensei !!!

In this episode, It starts with a zoom-out shot of the Dojo. Four ninjas are playing Card Jitsu. One accidentally hits Sensei in the face with a snowball. Sensei wipes the snow off of us his face, and tells the ninjas that they must learn how to work as a team without fighting with each other. He then starts sleepwalking. The yellow ninja tries to wake Sensei up with a gong, but the dark green ninja tells her that if you wake a sleeping Sensei, you explode.

As Sensei leaves the Dojo, the ninjas scramble out the door to avoid him from walking off a cliff. The ninjas make a bridge across the cliff, and Sensei safely crosses it. The yellow penguins head gets stomped on by Sensei as he heads into town. Sensei sleepwalks into the Plaza, and then into the Pizza Parlor, where he almost walks into the Pizza Oven while there is a fiery inferno inside it. The penguins make Sensei turn around and head out the door.

Sensei finally makes his way back to his cushion in the Dojo. The blue and red ninjas highfive each other, and Sensei winks, revealing that he was awake the whole time, making the ninjas work together to keep him safe.
for the video of Never Wake A Sleeping Sensei Click here

Trivia: This is the first ever Club Penguin Animated Short episode, and the first video ever to feature penguins speaking.
    Interesting Information: If you wake a sleeping Sensei, you explode.
General Information: 

    Episode #2

    "Best Seat in the House"

    In this episode, It starts when a penguin who is wearing a blue T-shirt enters The Stage for a play, but he cant find a free seat. He first moves when a penguin with Puffles blocks his view with his tall hat, and makes him switch places. Then two penguins call each other and they send text message, and makes him move to a quiet seat. After that, another penguin eats some pizza and makes a fart sound which moves him next to Jet Pack Guy.

    Jet Pack Guy leaves to buy Popcorn and the penguin activates his Jet Pack, which flies through the roof. The penguin moves because he gets caught. Yet when he moves, he sees that one of the penguins' puffle from the seat next to him wants some of his popcorn. He gives the puffle some and soon all of the puffles want his popcorn then he moves. Then ninjas play Card-Jitsu with their soda and popcorn. The soda hits the main penguin then he moves.

    Then most penguins who left came back with refreshments, even Jet Pack Guy on his Jet Pack. Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy come in and Herbert gets the snow off of him and hits some penguins, including the one wearing the blue T-shirt. They throw snowballs at him and the penguin wearing a blue T-shirt makes a finale by throwing the snowball at the screen, and then it ends.
    for the video of Best Seat In The House Click here

    Trivia: This video wasn't confirmed as the club penguin's another short but later it was approved as this is another Club Penguin short tags of this video, Club Penguin has tagged it as animated short 
                  Interesting InformationThis video was shown on the big screen before some movies in the U.S. in holiday season 2011-2012!
    General Information: Rockhopper, Herbert and Jet Pack guy also appeared in this video

    Episode #3

    Puffle Trouble

    This video hasn't released yet but Club Penguin gave us a sneak peek video of puffle trouble
    for the sneak peek video of  Puffle Trouble Click here

    Trivia: This video's first sneak peek was in dubstep puffle video
        Interesting InformationThis is the first video by Herbert after he escaped from the EPF
    General Information: This video will release on May 2nd