Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

Tricks for operation # 106 in Club Penguin!

Hi all! Something unusual is happening in the EPF, so report back to the Command Room and go to the yellow screen, as Gary is waiting there with a special message.

Since I've been clicking "OK OPERATION" do not leave the Command Room, as there is the mini-game this week.

Since you're there your spy phone will start ringing and flashing. Already open the phone you will see the mini-game this week, in which you must move with arrows one tab and you should put them together with the other.

When you finish you get a EPF medal, as well as a message which says Gary.

What's this? According to your scan, someone gained access to the files of the EPF supersecret party during Halloween. Apparently, also reviewed the plans of my inventions ... Stay tuned.

Congratulations, you've completed the transaction # 106! Are you excited for the operation blackout?Let us know in a comment!

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