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Tricks of the operation # 104!

Hello players!

Again the island needs help that is why we must go to Gary's call, go to the command center for instructions.

Alert! Ghosts are running crazy all over the island and seemed to come from the Haunted Mansion del Bosque. Check the mansion to find the source of these occurrences, and unset.
Well we have to go to the Mansion. A part of the house that we are going in the last section, where ghosts are generated, go to that room to resolve this operation.

When you finish the mini-game Gary will send a message below will show you which is:

Genial! Agent wait.Do not throw over the wires! That machine is my uncle GARIWALD ... and you've found! Leave the machine turned on. First I need to talk to him.

Woah! Again we conclude a transaction now tell me you ghost or ghost hunter?

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