Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

Prize Booth Items :D

Here are the booth items!
These items are rare! And for cheap! and the pingpong thing is now non-members too!

And oh hell-lo! The much anticipated new clown costume is here! Also the candy apple and stuff! warning- this is members only.

Here's how to get them-
1. Go to the forest.
2. Click on the 'prizes' booth
3. Go to the puffle circus courtyard and click on the booth thing.

Here's how to get LOADS of tickets-
Go to the dock. Play spin the weal (warning- score should be at least 1) and when you're done, keep pressing 'tab' until the yellow box reaches done. Press and hold enter.

Update- the ticket cheat doesn't work anymore. I now recommend puffle paddle

Waddle on, gregrocks23

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