Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever


Warning: If you want some humor, don't read this post. This is about a serious matter.
Many people have been noticing this glitch. I have recently complained to CP support in Twitter (you may have seen the tweet) and what happens is, a mascot adds you, and you aren't able to open up their player card. I have added 2 mascots so far (Rookie and RH) but I cannot do anything about it. Can't open the PC and can't BF. Not the location either, because I know he's online but it doesn't say anything. Here's how it looks-
If you're wondering where/when I met them, I have only Rookie's right now
I just hope Club Penguin responds soon and fixes this glitch-- many of us are paying for CP and this?


  1. You don't need to add 2 mascots. Don't search the mascot. Go to the bottom of yoour friends list ansd click on one. And you can't BF mascots either. Itt's like that.

    1. Yeah we know that. When Rookie is online it says offline so its a bug! I will contact CP about this :)
      - D2228