Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

Get the Tricorn Hat

Everyone on Twitter is going around saying there's a new code. I thought it was SOMBERO, and it was coming out all wrong. It's actually SOMBRERO. Here's how to get it
Step 1: Log in to Club Penguin. Don't choose a server
Step 2: Click the Unlock Items Online thingy.
Step 3: Click 'I have a code' (or in the french mode, which I was on, J'ai un Code meaning I have a code)
Step 4: Enter Sombrero.
Step 5: Collect your Tricorn Hat
Step 6: Enjoy!
-- G̅̅r̅̅e̅̅g̅̅r̅̅o̅̅c̅̅k̅̅s̅̅2̅̅3̅̅!̅̅!̅̅!̅̅!̅̅!̅̅ ̅̅ツ̅

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