Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

Meet Rockhopper Official Party on August 24th, Big Surf!

Hey everyone! Club Penguin has posted a new video to their Youtube channel telling us about the Temple of Fruit Adventure Party 2012 that starts this Thursday, August 23rd. In the video you can see one of the Club Penguin employees getting hit in the head by all kinds of fruit, it's pretty funny!

They also tell all of us to be on Big Surf on Friday, August 25th at 4pm for a party and I think that Rockhopper is going to be there. They have said to visit the server at 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, 4pm British Summer Time, and 4pm Pacific Daylight Time (Penguin Time)! Don't miss out on the party, and a chance to meet Rockhopper. We suggest you get there quit early as that server is going to be VERY full!!

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