Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

Free 7-Day Membership Codes Until September 28!

Hey everyone! I am back with another amazing cheat for all of you who want membership to Club Penguin. There's a NEW way to get an unlimited number of 7-day Club Penguin Membership codes and I have all the information for you right there!
NOTE: You must be in the UK (United Kingdom) or be able to obtain an IP address in the United Kingdom via a proxy server in order to enter the promotion and get the free code from Disney. If you are not ( or your IP address is not ) in the UK, it will tell you "This site is not available in your region".
This time, the membership codes come directly from Disney and Club Penguin, and are brought to you by Innocent Fruit Snacks, the sponsors of this year's Island Adventure Party: The Temple of Fruit!
All you have to do is to visit the promotion site CLICK HERE (must be in the UK), scroll down to the bottom and answer the simple question about fruit, then click the Enter button. Just fill out the information on the next 2 pages to join Disney's site. (Hint: they don't verify your e-mail address when they give you the code, it just appears on the page, so you don't have to put in your real e-mail address). Then, just "Activate" the "certificate" on your non-member penguin and you're all set!
I have verified that this works in the UK, using a proxy server; however, I have tried other regions, including the USA, Canada and other countries in the European Union and it seems that the promotion is geographically restricted to the United Kingdom only. 

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  1. Azeem I Am Not Getting Can U Do It For Me PLzz