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Cheats for "Smoothie Smash"!

Hi all! We remember in a previous publication, the new game "Smoothie Smash" has come to the island! And in this post you will find all the tricks needed for the game, and of course, with all the secret and tips!

Okay, the first thing you see upon entering the game will be the start of the game screen, and there will be a menu bar, where you can select how you want to play or just watching the instructions!

Well, the purpose of the "Normal" mode, it is very simple, you needed only to complete the order they ask the penguin obviously jumping in fruits and moving with the arrow command, you will see the order in the bottom of the game screen.

When you do not have time to see the cards of the bottom, you will see fruit in the band, which is as follows for its white border, and among more often crush the white edge, get the combos!

As you achieve complete normal mode, we recommend trying in "Survival" where you have to crush all fruits possible, but of course, you must be too careful with the bombs and avoid falling into the band walking, as you can lose your energy.

And finally you can get all the stamps if you keep playing the game without losing! All game stamps are about 16 in total, some of which are too difficult, but there is nothing that penguins can not do!

in question is an excellent game! Did you like the new game Smoothie Smash? Let us know in a comment!

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