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Grey colour comming to Club Penguin?

Hey there penguins,

As you might already know,the grey colour in club penguin is mainly used to "test" items ( since grey is neutral colour) but lately I have noticed grey penguins around the club penguin island...
To start with,as pointed out last week,Club Penguin included a grey penguin in their latest music video - 
"The Party Start Now". If you head over to the music video and forward to 0:37 you will notice a grey penguin dancing in the background. No big deal. At first I thought maybe it was "just an  accident" but today while checking the Ultimate Jam's page I noticed yet another grey penguin! Have a look-
Could it be gray color comming on Club Penguin soon? Or did Club Penguin forget to replace grey with the actual color?Hmm...

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