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Club Penguin: Reviewed By You: Summer Activities

Hello Penguin users!
Happy77 at Club Penguin Times post the new post who called: Reviewed By You: Summer Activities!
Happy77 enjoyed Boorex's comment, check it out:

"A hero to me is my  older sister! She makes me laugh when I'm sad... She helps me with my homework when it gets tough. She also gives great advice. The thing is, a hero doesn't have to have a power, they just have to be a person you can look up to or trust! Waddle on CP!"

Very Beautiful comment Boorex, we agree with you!

It's summer now, the penguins are in summer holliday! (Some penguins not) some one will go to his grandparents, some one will go to Sea,Ocean,Lake and so many place! Do you like the comment by Boorex? Let us in a comment below.
                                                                             ^ David 2228 ^

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