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Club Penguin: New Video "The Party Start Now" With Lyrics

Hello penguins!
Club Penguin released the new song from the Club Penguin official YouTube channel! The Singer Cadence, sing the song: "The party start now", which Club Penguin is going to released it on iTunes soon... Here is the video of the song "The party start now"

 This video is tag as cpmv

When you watch this video, from the left side you will see Herbert is turning power off with his wrench:

Here is the lyrcis from the song "The party start now"

Get up party penguins come on haven't you heard
I get a lot of distance from a little flightless bird
I'm a ground queen love is funky seem
With my style and diva puffle and my ice could beats
Can I get a wat wat? Can I get a oooh yeah?
I have the coolest club around...
The party start now...
When I waddle In
Turn the music loud for an epic win
DJ Can-Dance in the house...
Get ready to move...
You can boogie down cuz Im spinning some tunes
The party start now....
The party start now....
Lets begin the 
Lets it turn up-loud
Come on 5 4 3 2 1 the party start now
Ooh... yeah
I've got my boom box with me and I'm ready to spin
Turn tables in a microphone in case your wondering
When the party starts and your still asking around
It doesn't start in 5 minutes
The party start now...
The party start now...
Let's begin the countdown
Lets turn it up loud
Come on 5 4 3 2 1 the party start now
K-Dance Out

What do you think Herbert is up to? Is he going to appear during 'Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam'? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. Iv got that song stuck in my hede and it is asem