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Club Penguin Field Ops # 92 Cheats

Club Penguin has released a new Field Op. This time its Field Op # 92. To start with your mission, go to the EPF Headquarters and waddle over to the Yellow Screen and you will receive a message from Gary.

 Gary says:

"We haven't defeated another Protobot infection this week. Either he's hiding, or he's defeated. We're not taking any chances. Log into the EPF mainframe, and search for anything suspicious.

After, you accepted the Field Op, just like I did.Stay in the EPF Headquarters and waddle on over to the area. Your Spy Phone will begin blinking green meaning that you have found the location.

 Next, click on your Spy Phone and you will get this, click on Engage:

 Congratulations! You now have completed the Field Op. Was this Field Op, easy or hard for you and if you need anymore help with this Field Op, leave a comment!

-Michael 2556 Club Penguin Sky Author

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