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Club Penguin Field Ops 89 Walkthrough

Today, Club Penguin has released a brand new Field Op! Club Penguin Field Ops are mini missions given to us via the Elite Penguin Force once every week and is rewarded with a medal everytime the device has been broken or de-activated. To defeat the device, you must locate it and complete the given puzzle. Here is the complete guide and cheats to the #89th Club Penguin Field Op:

*Login Club Penguin
*Click the beeping EPF Phone in the lower left corner
*Click the “Go There” button

* Click on the large yellow screen in the top-right corner.
* Quickly read Gary the Gadget Guy’s message and click the “Accept Field-Op” button. (Make sure you click the button, or else your EPF Phone won’t beep once you locate the device)
* Open up your EPF Teleporter and teleport to the Dock.Go towards right side of the dock

Your EPF Phone will start beeping once you’ve successfully found the location of the device. To complete this week’s Club Penguin Field Op, you must break the code with the correct combination.

Congratulations, you have now completed the #89th Club Penguin Field Op! 

Your reward is exactly one medal, which can be used to buy rare Elite Penguin Force gear. So, what did you think of this week’s Club Penguin


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